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19 Times #ChristianGrey Should Show His Penis

Let's take a look at some of the scenes from the book, Fifty Shades of Grey that Christian should have released the Kraken upon us in the movie.

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What Good Sex Means To Indian Women

Hitch up your saree, close your eyes and fantasise about Dilip Kumar or Saif!?

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indians and sex

What Do Indians Like In The Bedroom?

As they say "Knowing is half the battle". Watch and learn what is desirable in the bedroom and how it can help you to spice things up.

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fifty shades new book

Jamie Dornan Hotter Than Christian Grey

You decide who makes the hotter look, Grey or Dornan?

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Harry & the Uncles

Harry Mama Is Back With The ‘Uncles’

After their record-breaking sold-out tours in 2013 and 2014, the entertainment legends Vikash Mathura and Ray Maharaj are back with a brand new rib-tickling comedy show!

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#SathyaSaiCon2015 Pre Conference 2015

Sathya Sai South Africa's 10th Pre-World Conference with interactive discussions, bhajans & workshops that will be held.

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Tsogo Sun Gaming

Winners of Duke of Edinburgh Cup set for royal treat

The winners are Mr Mervin Mudaly and Mr Kevin Naidoo from Pietermaritzburg, representing Golden Horse Casino who are off to London.

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IIFA Malaysia

IIFA returns to Malaysia

The 2015 showcase of Indian cinema has been confirmed as Malaysia. IIFA for me is a family experience and one that I cherish forever and South Africa can be proud to be among the first countries to break the news.

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Annie are you okay?

Watch: #Hilarious Annie Are You Okay?

There are no words to describe this MJ makeover of one of his most popular hits. Tag anyone you know Annie.

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JMPD harasses driver

WATCH: Traffic Cop Harasses Driver In Gauteng

The JMPD officer was abusive in a sarcastic tone with him over the alleged traffic violation.

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cobra two heads china

Two Headed Cobra Born in China

The rare snake born in the holy month of Shravan could conceivably grow to a typical Chinese cobra length of about 1.2 meters.

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tamil boys

When You See The Cops

When you see the cops in Durban this is most likely what boys would end up doing.

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gay desi

gay indian

Gay Indian Parents Come Out

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have Asian American parents who love their LGBT kids say that… on television… in Hindi? In June see for yourselves! South Asian Parents who Love their LGBT Kids And Show Their Support In These Videos

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lesbian indian

WATCH: Indian Lesbian prank gone wrong

She hid a camera in a room & told her mother that she's a lesbian wanting to live with one of her girlfriends.

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gay indians

‘Schools not safe for gays’

"[Students] swear at you, call you a bitch," a homosexual high school student said, adding that he wished there were separate schools for homosexual and heterosexual pupils.

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marriage equality

Remember the Golden Girls

Sophia Petrillo puts the need and desire for marriage rights for gay and lesbian couples in a very astute yet simple way

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