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Sunday Times Eastern Bridal Fair

Sunday Times Eastern Bridal Fair 2014 is taking it up a notch with exciting new changes and a host of international celebrities at the event!

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Curse of Highway Sheila, the movie!

Highway Sheila has become a household name among Durbanites over the past few decades. Avashnee Vandiar in Kumaran Naidu's latest film, Curse of Highway Sheila! She came back from the dead,eager and thirsty for the blood of her murderers, she hunted them down like animals one by one and killed them in the most brutal manner. Many people have claimed encountering her. She lurks the N2 highway and tampers with cars as they pass.

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zohra sehgal dies

Farewell Zohra Sehgal, rest in peace

The news was broken in the night by historian Irfan Habib who tweeted, "Just confirmed that Zohra Aapa is no more..."

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dawn of the planet of the apes

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

After a deadly virus almost wiped out the human race, the evolved apes led by Caesar live peacefully in the woods. But their safety is threatened, when a few human survivors trespass on their land.

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