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zohra sehgal dies

Farewell Zohra Sehgal, rest in peace

The news was broken in the night by historian Irfan Habib who tweeted, "Just confirmed that Zohra Aapa is no more..."

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dawn of the planet of the apes

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

After a deadly virus almost wiped out the human race, the evolved apes led by Caesar live peacefully in the woods. But their safety is threatened, when a few human survivors trespass on their land.

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Rory Booth

The Dance @ The Durban Film Fest

Kajal Bagwandeen & Rory Booth feature in a short film at #DIFF2014. 10 days from 17 - 27 July, Durban will be teeming with film screenings at 9 wild venues around the city.

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Parineeti shoots down journalist

Parineeti Chopra shouts at journalist when he claims that kids like sex when they are younger. Watch how the Bollywood actress shuts him down.

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