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Tastic Simply Delicious Product Health Warning

Tastic Rice products on the shelf poisoned in India make Tiger Brands pull them off the shelf. If someone has eaten and feeling side effects, they must contact a medical practitioner

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montecasino aarya contact details

Tsogo Sun’s Aarya @ Montecasino

Summer has arrived at Aarya restaurant in Montecasino with a sensational splash of pink in the menu – and a ‘Dine with Deena’ offer for groups of between 20 and 30.

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Incredible Spice Men

Chefs Tony Singh and Cyrus Todiwala want to transform the way British dishes are cooked at home. From Tuesday 16 September at 21:00 on BBC Lifestyle channel 184 on DStv

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Haute Thava Indian Restaurant

Thava is owned by the successful food enthusiast Mathew Abrahams, and seems to have been conceived, very consciously, as a flagship establishment.

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The author, at around the age of three, with her parents, Amar and Tapati, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, circa 1970.

Trading Stories

Books, and the stories they contained, were the only things I felt I was able to possess as a child. Notes from an apprenticeship by Jhumpa Lahiri.

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Shiva Trilogy: Immortals of Meluha by Amish Tripathi

The Immortals of Meluha is the first novel of the Shiva trilogy series by Amish Tripathi. The story is set in the land of Meluha and starts with the arrival of the Tibetan tribal Shiva. The Meluhan belief that Shiva is their fabled saviour Neelkanth, is confirmed when he consumes the Somras, a legendary healing potion,

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to find a bride

To Find a Bride, the Halaal way!

Ever wondered the real experience of finding a wife the Muslim way, Muhammed Ismail debunks, uncovers & shares with us his tale in his first book - To Find A Bride. A must read especially you men!

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Bhanu Naidoo, Amsha Moodliar, Kanchana Moodliar, Vanessa Narotam, Kamini Naidoo

Indians vs Diabetes

We can ALL be sugar free in our lifetime! Diabetes, known as the silent killer, will shorten your life on average by 12 years.

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