Riaad Moosa and his Material

My brother incessantly encouraged me to take the time out and watch ‘Material’. I did have it on my ‘must watch’ list for many reasons. One that it was truly a South African production and the other reason was that it starred Riaad Moosa.  Oh and Moosa if you reading this, I still am checking my mailboxes as to where my invitation to your premiere ended up.

During my days as a columnist at the Sunday Times Extra for City Swank, Moosa was my first assignment.  I for one had heard of Moosa and his halaal certified comedy quirks but  never had the opportunity to watch him live.  On that evening he stepped onto the dais at the Mercity Exotic showroom launch, I was sold!  This man ripped into a very conservative audience of Muslims in such a way that many others would find so hard to do.  Riaad’s ability to melt Islam and his comedy is effortless and so easy to relate to.

Kaprah….the Urdu word for Material or cloth
material-movie-riaad-moosaMaterial, The Movie based in Fordsburg, Johannesburg takes a look into the life of Cassim Kaif, the son of a difficult, staunch, old school father who’s life is marred with the history of apartheid. Cassim on the other hand is a complete 360 degree opposite of his father with a sense of humor. The movie itself was one that stirred uneasy but realistic moments of what many families beyond the race border can relate to. A father who demands blind respect from his family no matter how wrong he can be. A son’s dream is quashed and happiness taken away.

Moosa portrays his character in this very poignantly well written script. The writers and all contributors took time to capture the moments that can pervade over racial barriers and strike a chord. No matter how discomforting some of the scenes may be be but in all honesty is a reality in most South African homes.

The movie, Material is a production that is more than just Moosa and his sterling career as a comedian. He represents many individuals who struggle with almost the same situation – proving your worth to the world against all odds.

A moment I will never forget
I personally divorced myself from the people of Islamic faith but am steadfast in the belief of Islam, the Hadith and its principles. Not even an Imam could make me commit to believing his recitation of the Surah-Al-Fatiha (a Muslim opening prayer of Deliverance) but when Moosa recited those words in his comedy piece whilst on the plane, every single hair on my body stirred and I closed my eyes in acceptance of the aural experience.

At that moment, I was one with my Islamic faith.  Even though it was part of the movie script, it shook me because it was sincerely recited by someone – Moosa – with a pure heart.  It was just a few seconds but it felt like an eternity as I spun anti-clockwise like the Whirling Dervishes entranced by Sufi renditions in praise of Allah.

The Cast
A strong cast of senior and seasoned actors, Vincent Ebrahim, Denise Newman, Joey Rasdien, Krijay Govender, Nic Rabinowitz, Afzal Khan and a host of other fabulous Mzansi people.

Final word…
If this movie doesn’t feature on your personal collectors item of must have movies as a South African then shame on you! Material, the movie is excellent and gets the 5 out of 5 for keeping it real, keeping it Halaal, sorry no SNVL here.

I urge you go get your copy at your nearest movie outlet, not Fordsburg. Do the right thing and buy original.

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