Drape your home in sari decor

A practical and creative way to use your sari’s!

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Add a hint of India to your home with uniquely crafted home decor and other great items including Benares curtains with a Johannesburg local designer who custom designs for you using saris.   Add to this visual treat with wall decor from India – Indian sari tapestries and beaded wall hangings with eclectic influences of various Indian cultures. Combine these with brilliant color schemes of sari pillows, sari cushions, beaded cushions, decorative floor pillows and handmade embroidered tablecloth and table covers and table runners. Watch your decor unfold with a unique sense of spatial unity and hues as you add beaded curtains, sari panels and vintage toran (valances) enhanced with decorative schemes of Indian textiles and patchwork.

Email thashleen@indianspice.co.za for your appointment with this inspiring designer.

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