DIWALI: SPCA Issues Warning To Public

Guy Fawkes and Diwali are approaching. The National Council of SPCAs calls for restraint, responsibility and consideration from all quarters.

Diwali is the Festival of Light and its beauty is inherent. Loud bangs form no part of it. Guy Fawkes has no relevance to South Africa and it is questioned why it is “celebrated” at all.

When is Diwali in South Africa for 2015?

According to a mutual agreement between North and South organisations, Diwali will be officially celebrated by South Indians on 10 November 2015 is the first day 2015 as the  observance and celebration for Diwali in South Africa where as North Indians will observe the 11th November for this religious and cultural event.

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It has become increasingly evident that reckless individuals are using both “events” to utilise fireworks in a particularly anti-social manner. This includes ignoring any restrictions and causing damage to property as well as terrifying communities as well as animals.

The SPCA does not enforce the Laws relating to the use of fireworks. The regulations, both local and national, are watertight. The Explosives Act is enforced by the SAPS to whom matters of concern need to be reported. This Act covers sale of fireworks as well as issues relating to the discharge of fireworks in public places. Local by-laws – which vary – regulate the discharge of fireworks on private property. In some Municipalities, permits are required, in other areas there is dispensation for Diwali between specified times.  It is illegal to sell fireworks in the open air.

Anyone with an animal is requested to be responsible and to ensure the animal’s safety and comfort. The hearing of animals is far more acute and sensitive than the hearing of a human. If a dog can hear a grasshopper eat, imagine what a firework sounds like.

Stay with your pets. Keep them indoors. If an animal is sensitive by nature, then consult your Veterinarian for advice. Do not give medication intended for humans to animals and above all, ensure that animals are not in danger of harming themselves if they bolt – even indoors – or react when a firework is discharged in the area. Despite regulations and appeals for calm, this can occur.

This opportunity is taken to ask everyone to ensure that animals have identification.

Hooligan, dangerous and illegal behaviour relating to fireworks needs to be reported to the South African Police Service, giving full details, or to the Metro Police if they enforce by-laws in that specific area.

On behalf of the SPCA movement in South Africa, we extend good wishes to everyone celebrating Diwali and we trust that this year, the celebrations will be in accordance with the true spirit of the Festival of Light: – beauty, light, love and above all, compassion.




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