Kabali Released And This Happened

The hysteria of Kabali hit the world and here’s how Rajnikanth fans celebrated the new movie.sub-buzz-7305-1469172452-1 sub-buzz-8333-1469172657-1 sub-buzz-11696-1469174180-1 sub-buzz-11860-1469172407-1 sub-buzz-12142-1469174195-1 sub-buzz-14404-1469172431-3 sub-buzz-15306-1469174184-1 sub-buzz-15447-1469172435-1 sub-buzz-16034-1469174171-1 sub-buzz-16968-1469172425-1 sub-buzz-21478-1469172399-4 sub-buzz-21710-1469174198-1 sub-buzz-21811-1469172447-1 sub-buzz-23010-1469174189-1 sub-buzz-23530-1469172420-1 sub-buzz-26597-1469174175-1 sub-buzz-26659-1469174192-1 sub-buzz-27527-1469172417-1 sub-buzz-29619-1469172411-1 sub-buzz-30956-1469172441-4

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