Judwaa 2: Varun Dhawan’s Pelvic Thrusts A Problem

Not much seems to have changed at the CBFC after Pahlaj Nihalani’s exit. While many were hoping that Joshi would bring in revolutionary changes in certification norms, the censor board’s latest decision on Varun Dhawan’s Judwaa 2 is proving them wrong.

David Dhawan, who has been making films for three decades, was in for a shock when on Friday he submitted his new comedy Judwaa 2 featuring his son Varun Dhawan in a  double role, to the CBFC. An outright fun fest, its got family appeal stamped on every frame.

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Apparently the censor board members strongly objected to Varun’s spirited dancing. They not only asked for it to be toned down, but also found his pelvic thrusts in one dance movement to be so vigorous, as to appear copulatory. They’ve asked for Varun’s pelvic thrust to be removed.

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