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Confused About Gender Identities? Read This LGBTQ Dictionary

So, this pride month, get a ‘prideducation’ and get your terms up to date!

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LGBT: The Girl & Guy In A Same Sex Relationship

same sex relationships

What do gays/lesbians do in the bedroom? It is a conundrum to straight people. Sorry to break it to you straighty’s, but it doesn’t work that way for us.

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Meet Nitasha Biswas India’s First Miss Transqueen

natasha biswas

The first Indian transgender beauty pageant was held recently here is all you need to know about it!

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Predict: South Africa’s New Dating App

The South African dating app, Predict, claims to help you find your next fuck-buddy & even your next happily-ever-after.

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From A Woman To A Man, Zaahir’s Journey

Zaahir Hamid

Cape Town: New documentary by the Inner Circle focuses on challenges faced by local transgender Muslims.

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Freedom Of Sexual Orientation Fundamental Right In India

The colonial rule of law known as Section 337 of the Indian Penal Code is going to scrapped.

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Amish Tripathi Talks LGBT Rights From Lord Ram

Amish Tripathi

“If heterosexual couples have the freedom to love each other, LGBT couples deserve it too”, argues Amish Tripathi.

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The Importance Of A Mr Gay World Pageant

Sushant Divgikar emphasises the importance of why a separate pageant is needed from others.

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What’s it like being gay in the Indian community?

gay indians durban

Suntosh Pillay, a clinical psychologist aims to shed light on the mental health needs of LGB individuals through this important South African study.

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Bhopal Marches In City’s 1st Gay Pride Parade

Bhopal Gay Pride

Kalki Subramanian, actor and transgender rights from Chennai led the march.

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