Religious Prayer Dates Highlights

hindu prayer dates 2017

Find your official prayer dates for 2017 here

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VIDEO: How To Put A Namam

namam purtassi

Devotees of Lord Vishu put a mark in the shape of the alphabet 'U' in & devotees of Lord Shiva apply it in horizontal lines.

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The Legend Of Tirupati Botswana

Lord Balaji : Balaji Temple, Gaborone, Botswana

In the heart of Africa, a Hindu temple which has now become the epicenter for Indo-Africans to observe pilgrimage as one would to Tirupati.

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#Purtassi: Wooranda Like Amma Makes It

purtassi recipe

Wooranda is the filling inside Gulgula's made for Purtassi prayers. Here's the recipe

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Purtassi: How To Create The Mavilakku

purtassi lamp

Mavilakku, is the sweet lamp made for #Purtassi prayers, here's how you make it.

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The Late, Iyer Roy Pillay Explains Purtassi

It is the period of the year in which we pay homage to Lord Venketeshwara. Therefore our worship is based on attaining forgiveness for the sins of mankind.

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Can I Have Sex During Religious Periods

purtassi dates 2016

We noticed our readers asking vital questions about the month of #Purtassi. Here's some important answers for you.

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Lord Krsna Comes To Life With These Kids

The flute-playing divine cowherd the 8th avatar of Lord Vishnu is seen through these children.

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I Don’t Worship Cows, I Want To Eat One

A culture fuck of beliefs can sometimes be extreme. Let's talk meat lovers vs beliefs.

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Ganesha Chaturthi At Home: How-To


Worship of Ganesha, as it elevates the thoughts from mundane to spiritual. In 2017, GANESH CHATURTHI will be celebrated on the 25th August.

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