WATCH: Indian Ensemble honours AR Rahman

Jiya Jale Berklee Indian Ensemble

"Jiya Jale" by the Berklee Indian Ensemble in gratitude for his immense contribution to our lives through his inspiring music and journey.

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Opinion: Divali is not okay in South Africa

Diwali South Africa

I was flabbergasted by the debacle, this has created serious confusion instead of social cohesion.

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Tastic Simply Delicious Product Health Warning


Tastic Rice products on the shelf poisoned in India make Tiger Brands pull them off the shelf. If someone has eaten and feeling side effects, they must contact a medical practitioner

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Diwali vs Deepavali in South Africa


It's almost Kashmir vs Kanyakumari with Divali in South Africa. The SATF and the SA Hindu Maha Sabha have contradicted dates on the celebration day for South & North Indians. Find their official letters here for your information.

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What day do we celebrate Divali?

Credit: (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Official letter for Diwali dates by the SATF, print and use for your employer or child's school to give you leave for the day.

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