Is the state of trance real?

Melrose Temple

There are some who believe that the state of trance at Thai from some devotees is not as ‘strong’ or elevated as other trances.

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Thaipusam Kavady Information

thaipusam south africa kavady

Om Sa Ra Va Na Ba Va! The month of Thaipusam. Find your relevant information regarding kavady here, some helpful resources on this page for your use.

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Muslim countries rank highest in porn search

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The not-so-Halal habits of Muslim states unveiled by Google. Data reveals six of the top eight counties on the list are Muslim states.

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Now TEN YEARS ago!

indian lifestyle

Indianspice has turned 10 years old, Naufal Khan reflects on the humble beginnings of the website.

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Faith and Flesh, Where Religion & Infidelity Cross Paths

Faith and Flesh Ashley Madison

The urge to explore unchartered flesh, that temptation that eventually leads to Sin (or Satisfaction) of the flesh, please bow your heads as we pray.

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