Gay Indian Parents Come Out

gay indian

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have Asian American parents who love their LGBT kids say that… on television… in Hindi? In June see for yourselves! South Asian Parents who Love their LGBT Kids And Show Their Support In These Videos

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600 Million #Samsung Phones Affected By Hack

samsung phones hacked

Samsung phones have been left exposed to a critical security risk. The exploit was recently demonstrated at the Black Hat security conference in London by Ryan Welton.

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IIFA Diaries With Shalandra Bunseelall

iifa south africa

It has become a personal mission to ensure that more South African media are equally dazzled by the IIFA experience.

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WATCH: Help Find Ranchod’s Killer

sam ranchod

Mukesh Sun Mookh (Sam) Ranchod, was shot and killed at point blank range during a robbery at the liquor outlet where his wife, Darshala worked.

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KFC: Crispy ‘Rat’ Served To Customer

kentucky fried rat

They served him a fried rat instead of fried chicken.

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