#SecretBallot: Be Afraid, Very Afraid Zuma Will Survive

Jacob Zuma

The bottom line is that the vote of no confidence is not only unlikely to pass, but could actually cause further damage and create a worse scenario.

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Is A Moral Compass All That Bad?

You may not like my opinion but that's the idea, I'm your moral compass.

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One Man’s Vulgarity Is Another’s Lyric

Ayanda Mabulu

Reshma Chhiba, Ayanda Mabulu & Zapiro are just some of the artists who have had their freedom of expression tainted. Are they to be considered less equal than you?

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The Amazing Journey Of Fatima Meer

fatima meer

Fatima Meer, who died aged 81 after a stroke, was the most formidable female leader of Indian origin.

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The Rape Cartoon By Zapiro

Zapiro Cartoon

Some say it's insensitive to rape survivors while others believe it reflects the state of affairs in South Africa.

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Vidya Balan A Bitchy Brothel Owner In & As ‘Begum Jaan’

TRAILER: Begum Jaan Starring Vidya Balan

A kohl-eyed, fierce-looking Balan leading the rebellion of female sex-workers against government officials has attracted much curiosity.

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The Shame Of Being A Dark Indian

South Indian Dark

Indians are innately racist and it’s time to admit that - a deeply entrenched caste system is, in itself, racism.

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An Iconic Leader & South Africa’s Liberation Hero – Ahmed Kathrada

Ahmed Kathrada

Shakira Choonara writes on the passing of Ahmed Kathrada reflecting on the values we have a duty to uphold for a better South Africa.

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To #TakeOnRacism Unity & A Lifetime Commitment Is Needed

Ahmed Kathrada

What are we doing to ensure that post-apartheid racism is challenged in all its forms especially when it is so deeply entrenched within our society?

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Islamic State Already Has A Home in Pakistan?

Islamic State & Pakistan

Attacks in Pakistan claimed by the Islamic State can no longer be ignored and indeed pose serious security risks to the nation.

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