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Indian Lesbian Love Web Series Comes Out This Month

The world needs more conversation about same-sex love and to break the notion of lesbianism is porn.

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Love, Sex And Cold Hard Cash

Relationships are hard enough when it’s just long-distance, negotiating monogamy or meeting the parents, but what if part of your job is sleeping with someone else?

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So Gay You Will LOVE This Video!

An amazing new video honouring SA’s LGBTI community and the victims of the Orlando massacre.

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#VIDEO: Meet Naina, India’s Youngest Transgender

meet naina

Despite all of what she has to deal with, Naina is just a regular teenager!

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PHOTOS: Dual Lives Of Gay Desi’s In India

This photo series perfectly depicts the dual lives of the #LGBT community in India.

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9 Myths The LGBTQ’s Are Fed Up Of Hearing

The LGBTiQ community has had to answer questions that should never be asked in the first place.

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This Indian Lesbian Coming Out Story Nails It

It’s the first word I’m teaching my kids to say. Not mum, not mommy. Lesbian.

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Salman Khan, Anushka Sharma Team Up With India’s First Transgender Band

6 pack band, raula paye gaya

The 6-pack band are transgenders singing original songs. Now, Y-Films of Yash Raj Films, released 3 days ago, the 6th music video of the band.

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WATCH: Hum Hain Happy by #6PackBand

hum hain happy

Y-Films launched India’s first transgender band, the '6 Pack Band.'

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Sab Rab De Bande By #6PackBand Feat. Sonu Nigam

sab rab de bande

Inspired by th Guru Granth Sahib this song by India's first transgender band gives the heartwarming message that in the eyes of the Almighty we are all equal.

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