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The Late, Iyer Roy Pillay Explains Purtassi

It is the period of the year in which we pay homage to Lord Venketeshwara. Therefore our worship is based on attaining forgiveness for the sins of mankind.

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Can I Have Sex During Religious Periods

purtassi dates 2016

We noticed our readers asking vital questions about the month of #Purtassi. Here's some important answers for you.

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Purtassi Prayers At Home, The How-To Guide

purtassi prayers

The worshippers then move into the house/temple chanting the Garuda Patthu. Each verse ends with the devotees chanting Govinda! Govinda! Govinda!

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Purtassi: Tamil, Telugu, Andhra Fasting Month

tirupathi balaji

The month of Purtassi is dedicated to the worship of Maha Vishnu, the absolute symbol of the Transcendent state of Ananda.

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