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Carol the Angel Guide
Carol the Angel Guide

Indianspice would like to welcome their latest contributor, Carol. This lady of the mystic charms will be providing you with fresh information relating to Crystal Healing and other matters related to healing and holistic rejuvenation of the the mind.

My name is Carol de Vasconcelos of Angel and Crystal Awareness.

I am sad to say it took a major tragedy in my life for me to start to know that there is much more to life than what we read and hear in church.  My husband was killed in November 1998 and this for me was a major wake up call.  I went through 6 months having anxiety attacks being on real strong medication and not knowing what to do, when one morning on 702 a lady called Dianna Cooper was being interviewed by Jenny and she was discussing her book “A little light on Angels”.  I listened and then decided that I must have this book, bought it and started reading and it all made sense to me.

I then started to work with the Angels I managed to wean myself of the medicine, talked to them and was always asking.  I used to wait up a night and worry about my children but then learnt that AA Michael can take much better care of them than I did handed over and was able to sleep better.  They guided me to the right books and people and are still doing that today.

I then went to Wales to do a course with Diana Cooper for 18 days , it made a huge impact on my life and I decided to come back and teach . I have used angels in every situation in my life and had some amazing experiences and met some truly wonderful people. I then started to work with crystals and used them on myself mainly for healing but discovered how powerful they really are and then used them on clients after attending  a intense two year course.  I know that I have come to this earth to be of service. I do healing and also facilitate workshops as I have a huge passion for people I love teaching them and the bonus is that I learn from them in return.

I know that my work is very important as I am able to help people to help themselves to heal.  Weather they attend my classes , have a angel reading , attend a workshop or come for a healing the answer that they seek will always be provided in the session, although it might not always be what they expected.  Over the years my work has reached a different level and I am now able to provide packs for people to use for house cleansing, abundance, prosperity etc.  My crystal room sprays and medicinal sprays are also available as a support.   I am just so excited and humbled to be on this planet at this time .

Namaste Carol


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