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A film on Parkinson’s Disease and Dance

Parkinson’s Disease (PD) occurs from loss of dopamine-producing brain cells resulting in trembling hands, arms, legs and face; stiffness of the limbs, postural instability or impaired balance. PD has an overall prevalence in the world estimated to be 6.3 million with more than 1:10 people diagnosed before the age of 50 years.*

My Angel My Hero, a short film, echoes the sound of music, strength and dance to help heal Parkinson’s Disease – a heartwarming tale of two dancers who inspire each other – at the emotional centre on the dance floor!

The film’s protagonist, DA (role played by Faizan Sheikh), is a former dance champion who gets terminated from his job at Wall Street. With the passion to revive his dancing skills, he discovers a brilliant street dancer, Billy (role played by Dakim Wills) – a smart, witty kid yet slightly wise. They set out to form a dance group hoping to follow their dreams until Billy’s fight with Parkinson’s disease ravels. DA loses his inspiration and Billy his faith – both must make difficult choices.

The buzz…!

– A tribute to Michael J. Fox, Michael Jackson and to those affected with Parkinson’s Disease
– An inspiration to help find the cure for Parkinson’s Disease
– My Angel My Hero has been honorably selected to screen at one of South Africa’s largest film festivals, The Cape Winelands Film Festival, on March 20th and 26th, 2010 in Cape Town and Stellenbosch
* Statistics from European Parkinson’s Disease Association, a non-profit organization.

Dan Shor, Co-Director – an American veteran actor, director, writer with acting credits including Tron, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, The Blue and the Gray (for which Shor won a People’s Choice Award), Star Trek: Voyager, Red Rock West with Nicholas Cage and The X Files amongst others.

Raj Rahi, Co-Producer – a passionate filmmaker whose career transgressed from being a film journalist to producing and directing films; his credits include Bollywood’s most acclaimed movies “Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge” amongst others such as “Hastey Hastey”, “Kuch Khatte Kuch Metta”, and “Jo Bole So Nihaal”.

Thomas Derenzo, Music Composer – composed the score for ‘The Third Lion’-‘Il Terzo Leone’ (Italian) which won several international awards followed by composing of the critically acclaimed documentary ‘Control Room’. In 2004, he was invited as a guest speaker at Carnegie Hall.

Pia Toscano, Singer / Songwriter – she sang the National Anthem at the Shea Stadium for the Jets Game Night in presence of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. In 2006, Pia was chosen to audition for the hit TV show ‘American Idol’.

Jon Rua, Choreographer, Dancer, Singer – expertise in popular dance styles, Jon has an impressive portfolio spanning from Broadway shows to television appearances in Law & Order and Jerry Lewis Telethon.

Chris Kazi, Actor – creator of the Hip Hop Project (Executive Producers included Bruce Willis and Queen Latifah) which won a CBS Hometown Hero Award. Also a talented burgeoning actor who appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show in a segment called ‘People Who Are Using Their Lives’!

Sheree Loftus, PhD – facilitator of research for Parkinson’s Disease at Beth Israel Hospital, New York City. Sheree continues to contribute and lead various support groups to help find a sustainable cure to Parkinson’s disease.

Special Appearance by Pamela Quinn – professional dancer diagnosed with PD who now teaches dance to patients affected with the disease says: “Trying to shake off a tremor, one beat at a time…” (Source: CBS News correspondent Kelly Wallace reports)
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