Vedic Lifestyle Expo

Vedic Lifestyle, Astrology, indian lifestyleIt is a well known fact that the stresses of modern life is beginning to wear down the average person to a state where alternatives are being sort.  The so called “Western lifestyle” is beginning to wear thin and more people that are living these life styles, and for that matter advocating these lifestyles, are rapidly beginning to look for alternatives.

The purpose of this EXPO is to showcase the advantages that have been available to mankind for thousands of years if not millions of years.  This is the perfect lifestyle and if used and practiced in cohesion and correctly, will even in this age, benefit the body, soul and mind.

We hope to show, in this EXPO, how the various aspects of Vasthu, the various forms of Yoga, ancient Indian Astrology and Ayurvedic medicine is essential to achieve these goals and to ensure a healthy outlook to life and a person’s spirituality.  A well coordinated balance of these various scientific art forms will be carefully illustrated in showing how this may be achieved.

The VEDIC LIFESTLYE EXPO will examine the current scientific theories of the origin of the universe, the origin of living organisms, and especially the nature of the conscious self. The EXPO will represent an alternative view in which the world is understood to be only partially quantifiable and in which both purpose and spiritual qualities are granted existence.

Vedic Lifestyle ExpoTHE VEDIC LIFESTYLE EXPO will empower us to link the areas of knowledge now separated into the domains of science and religion.  One good model for such a link may be found in the Vedic (Vaisnava) philosophy of India, which contains a sophisticated intellectual framework that embraces both a highly detailed account of the physical universe and a verifiable description of nonphysical phenomena such as consciousness.  We have therefore chosen to present our alternative world view in the context of this system of thought.

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