Indian bazaar, most bizarre

I recently heard about the Zoo Lake Indian Bazaar via numerous people and opted to visit this fete on Saturday, 25th September. With rumours of celebratiing 150 years of Indians, I assumed there would be something of interest to me to check out. With a few hundred patrons at the fest it seemed to be somewhat a remake of the famed Verulam Charity Fair, the nostalgia hit me.

I planned to take 150 minutes to find this mysterious 150 years celebration somewhere in this venue, but to my disappointment there was none! Misleading marketing clearly. For outrageous prices on tickets rides for kids and adults to a medley of stalls for patrons to hobble around I found this fete to be somewhat just strange.

Whilst browsing the stall area, I found a few stall holders packing up. Whining about the power outage that literally blew up their equipment, they planned to claim for the damages. I wondered about the electrical compliance by the organisers. More so, what would have happened with the kids on rides if something blew up there?

I cautiously tread over power lines running around the area hoping I would not end up with a new hairdo.  Thereafter I found a teenager gyrating her hips to Shakira’s ‘She-Wolf’. I was flabbergasted by her stripper moves that was serious a put off and nearly had me running to her to rub some chilli powder in her mouth. The patronage and audience, a predominantly Muslim crowd seemed to be unfazed by her performance and those that were just hauled their children and left. If this is what 150 years was meant to be, then this is a seriously confused bunch of Indians!

What annoyed me more was the number of teenagers, unsupervised were casually enjoying some petting with their boyfriends and girlfriends whilst bystanders walked by in numerous locations in the festival. Seedy, reminded me of Amsterdam’s red light district.

I would have expected some control, but clearly security were more concerned with their cellphones more than controlling these kids’ hormones.

I was beyond belief a festival of the magnitude it was hailed to be was just a tacky setup with a serious liability and embarrassment.  For a closely religious faith, I found the behavior of these teenagers just out of line.

YFM you need to catch a wake up about what you say about Indians.

Here is what YFM published on their website:


You gotta love spring. Events for everybody. Indians stop praying, Indian guys take them dresses off, because Zoo Lake Bazaar is coming. On the 26th September we will be celebrating 150 years of Indians in South Africa.

It is free, but the hot food wont be free. ….

That’s my rant of the day.

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