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Music Review: Dipesh Nathoo’s Eh Sanam

Dipesh NathooDipesh Nathoo an aspiring South African muso recently entered the public arena with his signature song ‘Eh Sanam’. As his image logo represents music is his identity. I was made aware of the up and coming artist but holidaying in Pattaya seemed more my choice at the time.

Just last week Naufal contacted me and asked nicely for a review to be done. So here we go. Thanks to brilliantly fantastic bandwidth from Trevor Noah’s Cell C dongle, I was able to browse onto YouTube for the links that Mr Nathoo had sent through.

It begins with the ‘Eh Sanam’ vocal with some headache-inducing violinistic mix. Its bouncy melody and the welcomed return of vocalist Dipesh Nathoo do little to disguise the strange and somewhat childish mix of lyrics that find itself borrowed from other Bollywood songs. Equally juvenile is the powerpoint slide show of pictures that just frustrate me as if I am going to be scribbling down numbers of the studio mixer and other sponsor logo’s.

For a track whose provocative title could come back to bite Nathoo on his behind if the ‘HIT SINGLE’ doesn’t fare well with audiences. He should seriously consider dropping the overpowering ‘background music’ so he can be heard better.

The South African sourced mash-up electro-beats cum srange classical infusion in the song ‘Eh Sanam’ is fairly acceptable but honestly the background female vocalist needs to be shot.  Nathoo whose attempt at the song has broke ground with ensuring a link with India but keeping it South African. With this latest production, possible future live performances I would like to see it complete its evolution to something ‘better’. No doubt like I said once before Nathoo has potential.

Nathoo has potential but it clearly requires more shaping and I am sure he will pick this up in his forthcoming efforts. We have seen a many one hit wonders who pop in and then back to their day jobs but I can see that Nathoo has a long and very interesting career ahead in the local music industry .

Nathoo is a case of less is more, enabling a vocalist with a singular voice to express a full range and passion but more work on the lyrics and seriously drop the background vocalist.
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