Die Antwoord an A-Grade South African product

When you think of South African music, you think Seether, Just Ginger, Prime Circle, Parletones and not to forget The Laysmith Black Mambaso’s. But watch out boys and girls there’s a new name making waves with their unique and proudly South African way of getting their voices heard through the white noise of commercial and mainstream music…. The brilliant mix of Afrikaans and English a fusion that could only be achieved by a musical genius and in this case there are two….

Die Antwoord, consisting of two main artist’s namely: Yolandi Visser and Ninja aka Waddy.

Ninja & Yolandi

The duo write their own lyrics and have been around since 2008 and in late 2009 released a track called “Enter the Ninja” which took the world by storm, after they uploaded the music video on YouTube from then on everyone both South African and international people were talking about the group…

Because there brilliant use of both languages, they are now the pioneers of a whole new style of music that has captivated the international music community, in early 2010 the group signed with “INTERSCOPE” yes you reading right “INTERSCOPE” the same company who has Dr. Dre and other big name artist signed to them…. And in doing so have set precedence amongst aspiring South African artist…

Die Antwoord Album Cover

I believe one of the reasons for the success within South Africa is that people are able to relate to their music especially because it’s sung in their own unique language and the songs are written about the artist personal experiences. Though their success abroad is more attributed to the fact that the music is fresh and the artist’s don’t just sing or rap they entertain… And a good entertainer will always draw a lager crowd.

Recently the group released a track and music video called “Evil Boy” Feat. Wanga. Which I’m sure in time to come will get the South African public talking, the song talk’s about male circumcision but more so about the tradition of initiation. This currently is a massive talking point amongst South African’s in the know.

die antwoord
Screen Shot: “Evil Boy” Music video
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