Awqaf fails to respond to LGBT movement

gay muslimsOn the 22nd of December 2010, I decided that living in South Africa as a LGBT member was just not enough – although we have our rights as same sex couples being recognized in this country. I was moved by the intention of the Awqaf organization to institute a charter that encompasses all that Muslims stand for and abide by.

I was glad that the Muslim nation took the first step in a diverse country as this to engage the government and the residents of South Africa to understand the face of Islam and how it should be portrayed.
“Prophet Muhammad … said that religion is the way we conduct ourselves towards others—not theoretically, but actually. By that standard, how Muslims behave is Islam.”

” An in-depth study reveals its meaning: Islam is a fulltime endeavour, forming the basis of a Muslim’s relation with the Creator and with the creation. It reminds the believer that one’s faith is not merely confined to acts of worship (such as the ritual prayer, fasting, and so on), but to how one deals with people. The Qur’an rebukes those who pray yet refuse even the smallest acts of kindness. Muslims are enjoined to treat the creation—animals, people, the environment—with justice, mercy and respect.

This struggle will not be won by arms, but in the arena of publicity. What we are witnessing is not a clash of civilizations, nor an antagonism of West versus East, but a global struggle between egos.
So I hoped that I could also let this document serve as a conduit to hopefully recognizing the rights of LGBT Muslims as well in South Africa. I submitted my Bill Inclusion content to the organization heads and 23 days later, typically the response was none. No acknowledgement of the document, its content nor a response back on the email sent.

I am disappointed to say the least.

It is quite clear from the responses individuals across the world that I had their support and were in agreement to the document I had submitted.  But the Awqaf organization failed to respond to me and the rest of the LGBT Muslim community to our document  for inclusion to the Muslim Charter document.

To the muslim clerics, the muslim nation of South Africa please understand this point. We as LGBT identified individuals do not want  much but your help to help others.  You are clearly not seeing the bigger picture here, there are  thousands of gay Muslim men and women in South Africa. And most of them could possibly be married by force to the opposing gender. This  is the general norm everywhere. Why should these couples be placed in a situation that does not help either. Why can we not work together to help individuals understand their sexuality? Why cant you allow LGBT muslims to feel a sense of safety and understanding to walk into a haven centre for Muslims and talk to a counselor and assist them with their basic rights as a human being first?

23 days later we as LGBT individuals and by religion Muslim are still here asking for your co-operation to assist our fellow Muslim sisters and brothers in their path to growing up and leading a healthy life as a person irrespective of their sexual preference.

You are not listening to the silent pain that each of them goes through, the support structures are not in place for helping them, their parents and the general public to understanding the plight of some of us who had to endure social torture from our peers. Some of us have given up the fight, some have died because of being excluded from the life they were once known as being a Muslim child.

And then there will always be someone like me who will continue to stand up and ask you for your help. And I am asking your publicly one more time for your help.

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