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Zee tv south africaMuch has been said about the alleged relationship between television’s most sought after couple – Manav & Archana. While actors Sushant Rajput and Ankita Lokhande who personify love for the great Indian Middle-Class on Zee TV’s Pavitra Rishta have always denied rumours of their supposed link-up and tagged each other as the cliched “good friends”, here is something that speaks of volumes “what lies beneath”! Recently, Sushant is said to have stopped requesting for the food provided by the caterers on set. A little investigation revealed that the handsome actor has a new source for scrumptious, authentic Marathi-style pithla-bhakri, saanza, sheera and dalimbi usal on the sets … none other than Ma Lokhande! Yes, it is “good friend” Ankita’s mother who brings an elaborate tiffin for her daughter’s “colleague” every single day. Why so much mamta, we ask, if she doesn’t look at the man in question as a prospective jamaai? Rubbishing the insinuation as expected, Sushant said, “Oh come on guys, give us a break. I once dug into Ankita’s tiffin since her mother had packed one of my favorite dishes and paid her mother a lot of compliments about her cooking. I also cribbed a little about the quality of khaana on the sets. Ever since, she has been kind enough to get me some food daily. I love her for that. Please don’t get her all awkward about the whole deal by publishing a story on these lines. I’ll sue you if my tiffin stops coming!” Sue us, Sushi?… we won’t stop talking unless you tell us what’s REALLY cooking!

Tune in every Monday to Friday and catch the star-crossed lovers re-unite on Pavitra Rishta at
7h30 PM on Zee TV.

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