Vaisakhi Mela, a taste of Punjab in Sandton

Shika Mohanlall
In Kathak pose performing at the Vaisakhi Mela

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On behalf of the Gurudwara Sahib of Johannesburg, South Africa, we would like to thank one and all for joining us at this festive occasion that was held on the 03rd April at the George Lea Sandton Sports Club. The festival was an enormous success with patrons as far as other provinces supported the event.

A special thank you to our sponsors Sharma Group, Jet Airways, Sintillate, State Bank of India, DSTV Indian,  Zee TV, Saffron TV, Thava Indian Restaurant of Norwood, SABC, SA India Magazine, Shalandra Malgee of Kala-Hari Survey and Shereno Printers of whom without their kind sponsorships this would not have been possible! Our gratitude to the Indian Consulate for their assistance

vaisakhi mela
Patrons enjoying entertainment

Performances : The showcase of artists included Kathak dancer, Shika Mohanlall, Sitaare Dance Academy, Versha Magan, the 2008 Boogie Woogie dance duo Paayal and Kunaal Shrivastav had the crowd in awe as they performed!

naufal khan, vaisakhi mela, festival director
Dancers of Swords, Gatka & Bhangra

Internationally renowned Jarnail Singh and his troupe – “Dancers of Swords, Gatka & Bhangra” amazed the crowd with the traditional martial arts form of “Gatka” which left many either very scared or amazed at the routine.

South African based United Punjab of South Africa were equally talented that had the crowds amazed at their performances as well!

Never before seen Punjabi dance routines by the United Punjab of South Africa both male and female dancers were equally praised for their routines by the crowds demanding for more!

DJ Zuby getting ready to burn up the decks
International DJ Zuby of Mumbai

The Punjabi Bhangra took off immediately as DJ’s Shamir and Zuby of Mumbai rocked the decks to shake up the patrons and without much further ado the Vaisakhi Mela was well underway! Sintilllate Productions sponsor of the Bhangra segment provided authentic and mixed entertainment that catered for the diverse crowd that had everyone in Punjabi spirit!

Charity begins with a smile….. Thuthuzela Orphanage

Hosting 30 children from Thuthuzela Orphanage arrived with warmth and smiles as they were

Social Responsibility naufal khan
Children of the Thuthuzela Orphanage

treated to carnival rides, jumping castles and hours in the sandpits. A huge thank you to Mr Daya Channa and his family for sponsoring meals for the children and clothing. Also Naicker’s Durban Curry of Randburg for sponsoring meals to our support staff and artists.


VIP Formalities

Chairman Harbinder Singh Sethi opened the main programme with traditional Punjabi outcry of “Jo Bole Sonehaal!” with a spirit so vibrant that the crowd acknowledged him with roars of delight “Sat Sri Akaal!”. Mr Sethi thanked Festival Director, Mr Naufal Khan and organizing committee, Mr Navin Nair, Mr Thavanasen Govender, Ushi Goshalia – Creative and Cultural Director, Mr Kuldip Singh, Mr Yudhveer Singh, Mr Shalandra Mallgee of Kala-Hari Survey and last but not least his HRH Mr Zolani Mkiva for their dedication in making the official celebration of Vaisakhi Mela 2011 a resounding success.

zolani mkiva
Chief Guest, The Poet of Africa, HRH Zolani Mkiva

Chief Guest, in representation of the African National Congress, HRH Zolani Mkiva was in praise of the diversity of our nation’s country as he was received warmly by all in attendance. Mkiva was in full praise of the community that attended and supported this charity festival.
His powerful words warmed the crowd and re-iterated the power of Satyagraha and unity in our country of South Africa, Mkiva praised the Punjab community for their great efforts into supporting and showcasing the cultural diversity of our South African identity.

HRH Mr Zolani Mkiva, passed on messages on behalf of the African National Congress and the Government acknowledging the Vaisakhi Mela which will be an annual affair and nationwide to which he believes will be a new addition to our cultural showcase and also in assisting the the strengthening of our bilateral and historical relationship between India and South Africa.


Virendra Gupta, Indian High Commission
His Excellency, Indian High Commissioner, Virendra Gupta

His Excellency, High Commissioner, Mr Virendra Gupta and India’s Cultural Director for South Africa Mr Vinod Sandlesh also present at the festival gifted the Gurudwara Sahib of Johanneburg with a donation of a harmonium and tabla towards the contribution of the development of authentic Indian culture, art and music.

Also sharing the sentiments that our cultural identity as Indians in South Africa was one that has shared a unique part in our community in South Africa.

Vaisakhi Religious Ceremony 8 to 10 April 2011

Religious rites for the New Year are scheduled to be commencing at the Gurudwara Sahib of Johannesburg on the 8th of April 2011 until the 10th of April which is the final and official day. Members of the media and public are welcomed to join us in the ceremony.

With my sincerest and most humble regards, THANK YOU to the team of professional photographers Tania and Marius of TM Photography visit their website for their professional photography portfolio, media, and our generous sponsors.

My organizing committee, Navin Nair, Mr Thavanasen Govender, Ushi Goshalia, Kuldip Singh, Yudveer Singh, Shalandra Malgee of Kalahari Survey and last but not least his HRH Mr Zolani Mkiva for their active commitment to making the official celebration of Vaisakhi Mela 2011 a resounding success.

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