Kunaal Shrivastav
Future of Bollywood dancing!

Kunaal and Payaal, the future Bollywood dancing duo

Kunaal Shrivastav
Future of Bollywood dancing!

Kunaal  Shrivastav, born 23 April 1994, has been dancing since 1999.His first dance performance in grade 0, at his graduation ceremony, when his teacher introduced him as the next ‘Salman Khan’. Since his first performance, his parents, realized their son had a hidden talent yet to be discovered. Since then, there has been no looking back for him.

Sister Paayal Shrivastav, born 30 December 1997, also first danced in grade 0 at her

Paayal Shrivastav
Sibling Paayal Shrivastav, Bollywood's future talent!

school graduation ceremony. And once again a star in the making was visible.

Both Paayal and Kunaal perform solo and duo routines that one cannot compare as being any different from watching a Bolly movie. Kunaal has  developed a unique art of mixing his own music and dance routines. Both siblings versatile in their dance performance AND plan their own variations and deviations to best suit their audience.

Paayal and Kunaal recently performed at Showcase Auditions for the Vaisakhi Mela and judges from the the Vaisakhi Mela organizing committee, Navin Nair, Thavanasen Govender and Creative and Cultural Director, Ushi Goshalia immediately confirmed their performances in prime time slots which was held last Sunday, 03rd April. Their performances were acknowledged by the audience with praise and recognition that Indian dance and its prevalence in the youth was alive and kicking with the likes of Paayal and Kunaal.

Vaisakhi Mela Audition, Kunaal Shrivastav
Auditioning for the Vaisakhi Mela 2011

Father, Anu Shrivastav goes on to say “they have their own musical collections and until the last minute, no one can predict their moves and  songs. They are self taught, perhaps genes have played a role here.”

Kunaal and Paayal both are 2008 South African ‘BOOGIE WOOGIE’ finalists and were were the opening acts at the Sunidhi Chauhan show in Johannesburg in 2009 with their dance mastery which was already a hit! Back stage with many Bollywood artists, Sunidhi Chauhan herself praised siblings for their dance item which kicked off her show in style.

They have performed  for the Deputy President in the Limpopo province. Paayal and Kunaal both are often in demand to perform and alsoteaching and leading other students for events in South Africa. They have danced a number of times at national functions for South African events primarily in the Limpopo province apart from numerous weddings and social functions due to their amazing talent to bring Bollywood alive in their performances.

Humility is the answer for their way forward, as proud parents mention.

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