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nafisa hajiNafisa Haji is an author I had come across at Exclusive Books in Sandton, her first novel, Writing on my Forehead visually drew me to her book. I have this terrible habit of spending half my money on books and some of those fantastic books are begging me to break the seal and weave their tales in my imagination. Well, Haji’s book, Writing on my Forehead was one of the luckier ones that had the chance of being picked up and never placed down until I completed it.

About Nafisa Haji in her own words, “Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, I signed up for a Facebook account….for all of five minutes! Now, taking deep breaths, I am trying it out again. Author of The Writing On My Forehead and The Sweetness of Tears ”

As I paged carefully through my paperback edition of Writing on my Forehead, I analysed as I read and wondered more as to what next was woven in her mind as she crafted this masterpiece that kept me in reading mode all that time. And to this day I realized that in some way or the other, we all are connected with a thread of understanding each other even though we might have not met.

I was officially calling Nafisa a friend to everyone I spoke about regarding the book. I even received an email back from Haji which I proudly printed and shoved in my best friend’s face just to show him that the author acknowledged me.

Just a few minutes ago my Blackberry buzzed with a mail notification which has literally got me out of bed andThe Sweetness of Tears, Nafisa Haji back in front of my Macbook writing. It was an email from Nafisa Haji and the announcement of her second book, Sweetness of Tears. I wish I was in the SF Bay Area to be at the official launch but continents divide us but I will be patient and have my copy ordered from my local Exclusive Books store who has helped me with alot banned books as well into the country. Thank you Exclusive Books! You’re a star!

Nafisa Haji
Release date: May 17, 2011

About the new book

Wise and assured, The Sweetness of Tears is a powerful reminder of the ties that bind us, the choices that divide us, and the universal joys and tragedies that shape us all.

In her second novel, Nafisa Haji returns to the emotional terrain of her well-received debut The Writing on My Forehead to explore the collision of culture and religion, tradition and modernity played out through individual lives. A story of forbidden love and familial dysfunction that interweaves multiple generational and cultural viewpoints, The Sweetness of Tears is a tour de force of secrets, pain, identity, and hope in which a young woman’s quest to find herself leads her to greater truths about the world and life itself.

When faith and facts collide, Jo March – a young woman born into an Evangelical Christian dynasty – wrestles with doubts and questions about who she is and how she fits into the legacy of her faithful family.

Chasing loose threads that she hopes will lead to the truth takes Jo on an unlikely quest across boundaries of language and faith, through chasms of sectarian divides in the Muslim world, against the backdrop of the War on Terror, from California to Chicago, Pakistan to Iraq. As she delves deep into the past, she meets a host of relatives from diverse backgrounds – many of whom she never knew existed – whose experiences are indelibly intertwined with her own. By the end of the journey, she learns that nothing is ever as it seems, and that the most spiritually devoted are often those who once questioned their beliefs the most.

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