Sri Ayyapa Seva Sungam Official Opening

Lord Ayyappa
Lord Ayyappa

The Sri Ayyappa Seva Sungam will be officially installing their murthi (deity statue) and conducting the Abhishegam (ritual bathing ceremony) and the 108 Kalasam Pooja. The temple site will also be a cultural centre hub as described by the officials of the venue. Patrons of the Ayappa and members of the public are welcome to the opening of this very special temple at 25 Park Road, Malvern, Durban. For more information contact telephone: 083 301 0114 /083 443 6878 / 031- 4646516 (ah)

Deepa Lamp Lighting Ritual
Friday 24 June, 2011

No Puja is observed without the initial lighting of a lamp. The lamp is symbolic of Gnana (knowledge), thus Sastra explains the light as both Guru (the dispeller of the darkness of ignorance), as well as Goddess Lakshmi (the embodiment of prosperity). By fostering the spiritual needs of the Hindu community, we offer you the opportunity of participating in the 1st Deepa Puja for the Opening.


Sri Ayyappa Seva Sungam affords you, the devotee the opportunity to sponsor a Kalasam or Sanku for Abisheka to our Swaami Ayyappa during our Shrine Sanctification rituals.

A total of 108 Kalasams & 108 Conches will be energised through 3 days of mantras, chanting, havan & other rituals.During Puja, the presiding deity is invoked in the Kalaasa through mantras. The water becomes charged with spiritual energy, & this energy is transferred when the water is poured on an image/person.

Consecration water will be poured over Ayyappas’ murthi, the balance of the water with Kalasam Pot or Conch will be given to the donors to be sprinkled at their homes. Should you be willing to be a part of this spiritually energising Pooja, please contact our members for more details. As the Kalaasa Pooja is restricted to 108, place your order soon.

We humbly ask you to benefit from this opportunity to both please the Lord as well as take home some of his blessings from participating in either/both of the Pujas’.

Contact details for orders: Kogie Naidoo 083 6555 785 /

Devotees are being offered the rare opportunity to join in for the 1st opening of the Cultural Centre & Temple

Facility in Malvern/Queensburgh by

  1. Sponsorship of Pooja Items/Flowers/Feeding
  2. Volunteers needed for various duties
  3. The opening of a Temple is a historical & memorable event. Devotees wishing to participate in this celebration or for sponsorships in cash & kind please contact

Venny Govender on 083 301 0114/031 464 6516/
Sandy Moodley on 083 658 7004/031 4093084 /

Address: 31 Beldon Drive Malvern Queensburgh 4093,
P O Box 39125 Queensburgh 4070
Tel: 083 301 0114 /083 443 6878 / 031- 4646516 (ah)

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