Marital Blitz

indian comedy dramaLiFT Entertainment present to you a tour de force of comedy, dance drama and action in their first theatrical outing, Marital Blitz. Starring film and theatre actress Kajal Maharaj (Broken Promises, Isidingo, Spice ‘n Stuff) and her husband actor, musician (Eighteen Eighteen) and author Nesan Pather, the play explores the murky waters of marriage and miscommunication.

Penned by the couple and veteran playwright Ashwin Singh (To House, Looney Lahnee Show, Spice ‘n Stuff), Marital Blitz also stars actress Derosha Moodley, previously of Broken Promises fame. Through misdemeanours, miscommunications and plain old misunderstandings, newlyweds Sanvir (Nesan Pather) and Shalini (Kajal Maharaj) must cope with the strains and stresses of a “comfortable” marriage, the responsibilities of their new life and Shalini’s sneaking suspicion that her husband may be hiding something. Coupled with Sanvir’s mysterious and hilariously eccentric boss Mr. Poona (Ashwin Singh) is his wife Auntie Dolly (Derosha Moodley) and Shalini’s best friend, hairdresser Desree (Derosha Moodley).

What on earth is Poona up to? Is the sweet Sanvir really up to something or is Shalini just being paranoid? Marital Blitz puts marriage, misdemeanour and ridiculous conclusions into a concoction of action packed fun!

Directed by Ashwin Singh, the play promises to keep you thoroughly entertained.  Find the fun filled cast on Facebook here

Just in time for your Woman’s Day celebrations be sure to catch Marital Blitz on August 12th and 13th at the Suncoast Supernova for 3 shows only!

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