Ramadan: Let There Be Light by Ustad E. A. Khan

Ustad E. A Khan penned this #Ramadan message to readers of the POST newspaper in 1982, remembering my late grandfather who gave his life to Islam in more ways than one.

The days of preparing for Sehri and then the eager joy watching him prepare the sweetened rose & elaichi milk beverages in our family kitchen after he comes home for Iftar. There are a million and one memories that I can speak of which many Muslim families can relate to. But I think you also share a similar page out of this memory.

A pillar of strength to those who surrounded him, I have fond memories of him tapping away at his typewriter crafting his literary works including his Urdu and Arabic poetry which of some were directed to his loving wife. 

His message below was also the message of his life to his family one which resonates today to the current day and age to every person. 

Let There Be Light

As the fast of Ramadaan approaches again it is time to bring to the fore the spirit of thanksgiving, of goodwill and of charity. It is a time for removing darkness by light; it is a time when the Muslim community renews its resolve to uphold the teachings of Islam.

The key qualities of this period will be humility, piety and charity, which qualities remain the cornerstone of a sound social tradition, which generates the sentiments of fellowship and goodwill.

One of mankind’s precious possessions is his religious heritage. Its value to mankind in the contemporary world with its conflicts, restlessness, uncertainty and anxiety is immense and its power often underestimated.

The fast of Ramadaan brings a spirit of goodwill and upholds the tradition of thanksgiving and charity.  To Muslims it is a time to renew their resolve in their teachings of Islam so they may receive the courage and the will to help “Bring mankind out of every kind of darkness into light.”

If we want to have peace in the world in which we live we must all first have peace in our own hearts. If we want others to show friendship and goodwill to us we must also do the same to them.

I wish Muslims, through the courtesy of “POST” well over the fast and a very happy Eid-Ul-Fitr.

By Mr E.A. Khan, Secretary General of the Sunni Jamiyate Ulama of South Africa and the Jamia Sirajul Uloom – Supplement to the Post, June 16 – 19, 1982

Ramadan Mubarak

ABOUT:  E.A. Khan passed away as a result of cancer, 26 years ago, at the age of 69. At the time his life work was dedicated to the propagation of Islam & humanitarian work in the local areas of Durban and surrounds.

He served as the Secetary-General of the Jamiat Ulama, Darul Uloom, Secretary of FOSA (Friends of the Sick Association) and  Ustad/Founder of the Verulam Madressah Ashrafia.

He has authored two books, “Islamic History” and “Deenyaath” which were translated into 73 different languages under the IPCI at the time as their General Secretary. These published books became a standard teaching syllabus around the country and Africa for Islam.


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