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shubha mudgal south africaShubha Mudgal, South Africa, Shared History
Performing 9th September 2011 in Johannesburg, South Africa

In association with Shared History 2011, Teamwork Productions and India Club is proud to present Shubha Mudgal in Music of the Mystics on  9th September , 8 PM. Ticket prices are from :  R 90 , R120 AND R 180.  Please email to for bookings and reservations.

As described by Monsoon Magazine’s  Shikha Malaviya, the versatile singer that we know today was strong and spirited from the start. Born in Allahabad, in 1959, to a family that embraced literature as well as Indian and western music, Shubha grew up in an artistic atmosphere of variety and innovation.

As a young girl learning Kathak in Allahabad, she replied to a dance examiner’s routine query of “Aap kis gharaane ka naachti hain (what gharana (house) do you dance from?)” with the retort “Hum apne gharaane ka naachti hain (I dance from my own gharana)”.

That attitude would carry her through the world of Indian classical music, giving her gurus as diverse as Ram Ashray Jha, Vinay Chandra Maudgalya, Vasant Thakkar, Naina Devi, Jitendra Abhisheki, and most notabely, Kumar Gandharva, whose eclectic approach resounds in Shubha’s performances, especially renditions of Bhakti and Sufi poetry.

In the early 80’s Shubha Mudgal started performing as a classical singer and gained a reputation as a very talented singer. In the 90’s, she started experimenting with other forms of music, including pop and fusion varieties. She says, “I believe in music. Khayal and thumari are my favourites, but that doesn’t mean I should not experiment with other forms, Why should I curtail my musical urges?” asks the singer and adds, “I want to allow the artist in me to come through. If you are a musician, how can you say, ‘this one is from devotional poetry, so I’m not going to sing it. In addition to her recordings and concerts, she also briefly ran a website called aimed at lovers of traditional Indian music.

For a selection of visual pieces of Shubha Mudgal performing click here or watch one below here

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