Maithili Shome’s musical magic

Maithili Shome
Maithili Shome, a must hear!

She walked into the world of music as a little girl in a talent search TV music show – Zee Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Little Champs. She did show some nervousness, however what followed was truly amazing – only a confidence that took audience by surprise. Here, a profile on Maithili Shome.

Maithili has loved music ever since she was a toddler and this is because of her upbringing in a musical family. Maithili’s mother Mrs. Monali Shome, is a professional singer – recipient of multiple awards including the prestigious R.D. Burman Music Award.

Maithili Shome was one of the star attractions to the production of Armaan by Versha Magan in a tribute to A. R. Rehman. Watch this musical wonder shake up the audience!

Maithili took the stage for the first time at a tender age of 3 and a half yrs at Pune, India with Live Orchestra, which made people talk about her innate musical talent. Maithili’s parents soon realized they had a prodigy on their hands after seeing the exceptional musical talent of their young child.  So, it seemed logical that the family promotes her aptitude.

Life of a woman is anything but easy. Maithili had to move to South Africa at the tender age of 5 and half yrs because of her father’s occupation. However this came as a blessing to her. She learnt music from the best teacher possible – her mother, Guru Monali. She started performing at the local stage and would surprise everyone with her immense talent and showering confidence. It was only a matter of time before she was selected for the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Little Champ International Show. There she exhibited her real talent and gained commendable remarks from the judges like Mr Sonu Nigam and Mr Suresh Wadekar. Sonu Nigam was quoted saying ‘You should be proud of yourself to have sung so well at this young age’.

Upon her return to South Africa, she was a different performer altogether. She had gained miles in confidence and was aMaithili Shome far more convincing entertainer than ever. She has been a regular performer since her return, be it on the occasion of any festival or an auspicious event like the Independence Day/Republic Celebrations. To her credit she also dazzled in a Live Stage Performance with Debojit Saha – Zee Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Winner 2006, in South Africa. She has already shone in the eyes of the Music Fraternity in her School as a musical talent & represented her school for Western Vocal Solo & Piano. To her credit she won Gold Medals in the Inter School Competition for both the streams. She has also proven her talent in India by performing at the Live concerts with singers like Amit Paul of the Indian Idol, talented Ranadip of Star Voice of India Fame, Jolly Das of India.

Not one to rest on her laurels, she has been trained by her Guru Monali and their Guru Balu Dutta of Kolkata in Indian classical music. She is only 9 yrs old and has set her ambition to achieve global fame. She is also quite clear that education is important and is determined to complete her basic academics.

For now, Maithili is happy and fulfilled – both, in her career as well as her personal life.

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