Sri Ayyappa Seva Sungam observes Maha Shivarathri

ayyappaShiva which means auspicious, is considered by many as the supreme god from which everything manifests.  His worship dates back to prehistoric times.  Shiva contains the five elements from which the universe manifests.  He along with his energy are the protons & neutrons of science.  Unlike other deities Shiva is worshiped as Shivalinga which is Rupa, Arupa & Arupa Rupa  ie with form, formless, & formless form.  This symbolises the multiple nature of God.

The Shiva Linga, being the supersoul within whom all manifest souls merge is worshiped through abisheka, the continous pouring of sacred substance on the Linga.  This abisheka when performed along with chanting of Sri Rudram from the Vedas’ rids all our sins & bad karmas.  Lord Shiva is said to be the most compassionate & merciful lord, giving blessings to even the worst of sinners.

To experience the power of Lord Shiva and be part of this auspicious occasion, join Sri Ayyappa Seva Sungam in devotional & religious music & prayer.


Venue: 26 Park Road, Malvern
Time: 6pm – 6am

To participate in this celebration or for sponsorships in cash & kind, please contact Venny Govender on
083 301 0114 /

Swamiyeh Saranam Ayyappa!!!

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