Shivaratri 2012

Edenvale: 21st Maha Shivaratri Yatra 2012

Shivaratri 2012

You are humbly requested to join and assist us as we chant and pull OUR chariot this Sunday in the name of our Supreme Maheshwara, for the 21st Maha Shivaratri Yatra 2012.

Event Information

Date: 19 February 2012
Venue: Sri Eeswarar Kovil (LSTSO)
Start: Depart From the Sri Eeswarar Kovil (LSTCO)
Finish: Terminating at the Shree Durga Mandir
Pooja Time: 06h00 to 07h00am (Abishegam & Hawan)

Dedicated to enhance Hindu Unity and Universal Peace, May Lord Shiva grant the departed souls External peace

Dress Code: Ladies White Saris/Punjabis – SSS Shawls
Gents White Kurthas/White Shirts & Trousers – SSS Shirts
Distance: 7.5kms

For further details please refer to attached invite.

Mikka mikka nandri, dhanyevaadum and shukrya’s

“Patient and Regualr practise is the whole secret of spiritual realisation. Do not be in a hurry in spiritual life. Do your utmost and leave the rest to God”…….Swami Sivananda–

Mrs. Karuna Haricharan-Shaamduth
+2782 477 9919
Sanathan Shakti Society
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