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Midrand Hindu Dharma Sabha

108 Hanuman Chalisa Recitals by Midrand Hindu Dharma Sabha

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One of the objectives of the Midrand Hindu Dharma Sabha is to promote Hindu culture and Hindu values in our community. This is done via quarterly newsletters, observing the major Hindu festivals and most importantly, hosting weekly Satsang which incorporates short educational discourses on various aspects of our religion and culture, and also conducting Ramayan and Gita recital classes.

The Midrand Seva Samaj is now the Midrand Hindu Dharma Sabha – for more details visit

The Ramayan plays a pivotal role in our lives, and teaches us various lessons in terms of how we should live our daily lives, and the qualities which we as individuals should possess. The Midrand Seva Samaj is proud to the first, and currently the only Organisation in Midrand to offer Ramayan and Gita recital classes, free of charge to the community.

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