Tamil New Year Celebration, Lenasia

For further information contact Sarveshen Naidoo on 082 587 6611 or Nivasha Pillay on 083 725 9019.  The West Region Tamil Youth Movement is a non profit organization operating in the Lenasia, Lenasia south area. The purpose of the youth group is to inspire spiritual and cultural awareness amongst the youth in our community in order to grow as well as propagate tamil culture and language.  The West Region was founded some three years ago and since been involved in numerous activities in the Lenasia area, from assisting at blood donor camps to participating in Eisttedfods to raising funds in order to conduct monthly “ANNA THAANUM” (feeding schemes) within the community.  The West Region Tamil Youth Movement have also founded a Bhajan group who are available to sing for services,prayers etc.

Tamil New Year Gauteng

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