The South African Indian Wedding Planner

If you’re a soon to be married couple, Shaadi mubarak!

You’ve come to the right place to meet the best Indian wedding planners on the African continent. Now let us get going on organizing your big fat Indian wedding on the road!

Indian weddings are elaborate and vibrant that are a fun atmosphere; typically consisting of several functions so if you are part of an impending wedding clear out minimum three days for an indian wedding event.

With the wide array of specific needs for each wedding, our wedding planner offers you a one-stop shop for all your wedding needs and flawless execution to boot.

We commit time loyally ensuring that the couples style & personality comes shining through on that big day and the pre-ritual events you have in mind! With our background in event planning, we saw a need for specialist wedding planner who caters for the Indian wedding theme in South Africa, a bit of safari and a splash of Bollywood!

That is why we have the passion to assist with absolutely all wedding planning services, venues and locations, decorations and themes, entertainment, wedding photography, wedding videos, honeymoons as well as planning your wedding budget leaving nothing to chance.

How about some world class entertainment with handpicked world-class artists like for example Sashin Rob Kandhai?

“One of the most fun parts of wedding planning is making a wedding personal. We love when brides & grooms incorporate bits of their cultures into their wedding, making the event a truly unique experience that epitomizes the backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities of the couple and their families.”

Our wedding planners maintain constant contact with bridal couples ensuring clients are always in the loop and keeping everyone calm while attending to all planning tasks with ease.

Bookings are sometimes 3 years ahead!

We have a flowing list of wedding bookings with bridal couples  with some bookings 2 – 3 years ahead.

No city or continent has slowed us down!

Some of our bridal couples are based in one city or another country and as expert indian wedding planners we ensure that WE  are your eyes & ears to your special event before you even fly out for your special destination wedding in South Africa or elsewhere in the continent of Africa.

As we all know an Indian wedding is just not walk down the aisle and round the fire. From the bride-to-be it’s the sometime customary  trip to India to seek your perfect wedding attire, jewelery and sometimes the husband too.

Then you have the wedding cards, flowers, date assignment by priests, bachelorette party, wedding registry and so many other pre-wedding events.

Pre-wedding rituals and events!

Usually, 2 pre-wedding rituals are done after getting the appropriate times from a Hindu priest. The Mehndi night or the South Indian version known as the ‘nelengu.’

Now these pre-wedding rituals are as important as the big day, the first ritual is messy and the second ritual is done more elegantly.

Theme weddings are our speciality from a beautiful wedding in the stunning city of Cape Town to a safari honeymoon adventure at the Kruger National Park or off to the Serengeti. 

We work with you very closely taking your dream wedding ideas and present you with the best options that suit you and your wedding entourage.

Weddings across Africa our speciality!

Our services also extend across South Africa and around the world with vast experience in Indian weddings of both North and South Indian origin and everything in between!

How to contact our wedding planning department drop us an email at


  1. Hello,

    I was wondering if you have any dhol drummers in Cape Town?

    Thank you

  2. Looking for someone in lenasia or fordsburg to make up 10 wedding trays

  3. Hi there I am looking for a nelengu coordinator? Can u advise?

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