nusrat fateh ali khan

Nothing But God Allah Huu By Nusrat

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan needs no introduction to music lovers. The Shahenshah-e-Qawwali, as he was known, was one of the pioneers of world music and traversed the range of Qawwali, ghazal, pop, film and collaborations with western artists with equal elan.

nusrat fateh ali khan

The Pakistani maestro first performed publicly at the age of 16, and went on to regale the world with his music. He was a Grammy nominee and received numerous honours including the UNESCO Music Prize and the ‘Legends’ award at the UK Asian Music Awards in 2005. His is widely recognised as one of the greatest voices ever recorded.

On his death anniversary on August 16, here’s a tribute to the legend with one of his most popular numbers.

About Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
(October 13, 1948 – August 16, 1997) was primarily a singer of Qawwali, the devotional music of the Sufis, a mystical offshoot of Islam.

Traditionally, Qawwali has been a family business. Nusrat’s family (originally from Afghanistan, though they had been living in Pakistan for a large part of their lives) has an unbroken tradition of performing qawwali for the last 600 years.

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Here’s the lyrics

Malik-Ul-Mulk, Lashareeka Lahoo

Ruler of the world, soul of my blood

Wahadahoo Laa Ilaahaa Illaahoo
The promised one, there is nothing but you

Shams Tabraiz Gar Khuda Talabee
Every great scholar is your student

Khushboo Khuwan La Illaha Illahoo
In every scent, there is nothing but you

Qounain Ka Masjood Hai Maa’bood Hai Tu
Creator of and worshipped by both worlds

Her Shay Teri Shahid Hai K Mashhood Hai Tu
Every thing is witness to your manifestation

Her Aik K Lab Per Hai Teri Hamd-O-Sana
On everyone’s lips is your prayer

Her Sooz Mein Her Saaz Mein Moujood Hai Tu
In every chord, every song is your presence

Tere He Naam Say Her Ibtida Hai
Every beginning is with your name

Tere He Naam Per Tak Intiha Hai
With your name ends everything

Teri Hamd-O-Sana Alhamdulillah
Your praise is ‘praise be to Allah’

K Tu Mere Mohammad Ka Khuda Hai
That you are the God of my Mohammad

Allah Huu! Allah Huu! Allah Huu!
Allah Huu! Allah Huu! Allah Huu!

Yeh Zameen Jab Na Thi Yeh Jahaan Jab Na Thaa
When this earth and world did not exist

Chaand Suraj Na Thay Aasman Jab Na Tha
When there was no moon, sun or sky

Raaz-E-Haq Bhi Kisi Per Ayaan Jab Na Tha
When the secret of the truth was still unknown

Tab Na Tha Kuch Yahaan Tha Magar Tu Hee Tu
When there was nothing, there was you

Allah Huu! Allah Huu! Allah Huu!
Allah Huu! Allah Huu! Allah Huu!

Har Shay Tere Jamaal Ki Aainaa Daar Hai
Everything is a reflection of your glory

Har Shay Pukaarti Hai Tu Parvardigaar Hai
Every thing cries out that you are the Lord

Allah Huu! Allah Huu! Allah Huu!

Teri Ruboobiyat Ki Ada Ka Kamaal Hai
It is the distinction of your enthralling visage

Tu Rab-e-Qayaanat Hai, Tu Lajwal Hai
You are the unrivalled Lord of the Universe
Allah Huu! Allah Huu! Allah Huu!
Allah Huu! Allah Huu! Allah Huu!

Tu Jo Her Aan Nayi Shaan Dikha Deta Hai
You who shows new beauty every instant

Deeda-E-Shouq Ko Hairan Bana Deta Hai
Surprises even those who yearn for more

Daali Daali Teri Takhleeq K Gun Gaati Hai
Every sapling sings of your creation

Patta Patta Teri Qudrat Ka Pata Deta Hai
Every leaf is a signature of your nature

Allah Huu! Allah Huu! Allah Huu!
Allah Huu! Allah Huu! Allah Huu

Laa Ilaahaa Teri Shaan Ya Wahdahoo
My God, you are the splendor you promised

Tu Khayaal-O-Tajassus Tu He Aarzoo
You are the curiosity, you are the desire

Aankh Ki Roshni Dil Ki Awaaz Tu
The light of my eyes, the voice of my heart

Tha Bhi Tu! Hai Bhi Tu! Hoga Bhi Tu Hee Tu!
You were, you are, and will be only you

Allah Huu! Allah Huu! Allah Huu!
Allah Huu! Allah Huu! Allah Huu!

Khaalik-E-Kul Hai Tu Is Mein Kia Guftagu
You are everything, what is the argument in this

Saare Aalam Ko Hai Teri He Justaju
The whole world is searching only for you

Teri Jalvaagari Hai Ayaan Chaar Su
Even as your magnificence is in every corner

La Shareeka Lahoo Maalik-E-Mulk Tu
You are in my blood, Lord of the world

Allah Huu! Allah Huu! Allah Huu!
Allah Huu! Allah Huu! Allah Huu!

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