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The debut CD by Sans Moonsamy and Kaseran Pillay

LISTEN: Remember Saras & Vincent?

On my last outing to an Indian Comedy night 5 years ago, it was another encounter with ‘Those Indian Guys’ – Sans Moonsamy and Kaseran Pillay.

Yet again, these two enormously talented comedians had come together for their sequel show – ‘Those Indian Guys 2‘ which was non-stop, side-splitting entertainment that had the audience in awe.

The result of placing these two comedians together also brought about their debut CD called ‘Those Indian Guys.’ which you can get on ITunes. 

After listening to just this track off their album I am filled with nostalgia of the days gone by living in Durban and finding so many situations hilarious now.

Listen to ‘Saras & Vincent in Old Skool Flow:

Let us retrospect here and test this on you. If you are Indian and you opened your fridge, the Skippy or Black Cat

Saras and Vincent
Kaseran Pillay in alter ego Saras

jar would be filled with peanut butter, right, absolutely not but it would contain that mango atchar that Amma (mother for you non-Indians) soaked since last December.

Let us not forget the ice cream tub in the freezer contains the backup ginger garlic. Made you smile, you agree with me? There we go. This is the type of tinkering you would find with most comedians.

Enter Sans and Kaseran who amplify these situations further with two of their alter ego’s on Track 5, Old School Flow featuring Saras and Vincent.

Characters from their show like Vishnoo Mood-Lee and Malvin also made their debut on the

Sans Moonsamy as Vishnoo Moodlee

Funny Choons CD and their signature track ‘Good Old Days’.


Placing aside political correctness, these guys seamlessly rip open any imaginable stereotype while covering subjects concerning politics, racism, dating, Indian lifestyle, Durban childhood memories and a string of jaw-dropping skits leaving no topic off-limits, the result is pure comedy: raw, revealing and entertaining.

No matter what the audience range is they seem to get under your funny bone and tickle the laughter out of you! The tracks of Those Indian Guys do exactly what they would do to you if you were sitting at their shows – make you laugh and cringe at some of the things we would never want to be known for doing ourselves.

Kwaito/Hip Hop artist Proverb features in Funny Choons on Track 2 of Good Old Days. Sans and Kaseran found that the talent of Proverb was something to contend with.

The ‘man just found the rhythm and belted it out in studio and I was like wow!’. Transcending barriers of music, the funny men also composed Shisa Nyama which will definitely be making its way into taxi’s and ‘souped up’ cars and pulling  the legs on corporates with the track ‘Sponsa’ which features King B.

Funny Choons by Those Indian Guys is not your average comedy compilation. It brings out a fresh approach to entertainment! Get it on Itunes here

The soundtrack gets a 4/5 rating from Indianspice.

Album: Funny Choons get it on Itunes here
Artists: Those Indian Guys (Sans Moonsamy & Kaseran Pillay)
Song Title: Bok Party

To view the music video click below.

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