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3 to Durban: Its off-beat song ‘Why This Kolaveri Di’ attained paranormal phenomenon status when it Indian Cinemabecame the music video of the year for 2011, taking-out the usual American contemporary vids.  Completing 50 million views, and counting, the Tamlish song, sung by the lead actor of its movie, ‘3’, saw a plethora of dances choreographed to it and remakes like the full Tamil version done by Malaysian-born UK Tamil vocalist, Nakkeeran, and a Milk Version done by the son of Sonu Niigaam, Nevaan.

Now we get a chance to see the movie-version video of the hit song on big screen as ‘3’ comes to Durban.  Starring Dhanush, son-in-law of Rajini, and Shruti, daughter of Kamal Haasan, ‘3’ follows the relationship that exists between the two lead characters from days of school.  However, this isn’t a straight-forward love story, dealing with difficulties faced in real life that your usual heart-flick doesn’t venture into.  Be sure to catch the movie, which boasts the best soundtrack thus far for 2012, at Gateway, Umhlanga, kicking-off on SA’s Freedom Day.


Tamil Movies ReviewDeepika Goes South: The man who becomes the centre of frenzy at the drop of a mention of a new project, Shankar, is on the prowl again for a cast of chemistry for his next.  Number one on the list of actresses to step into the lead is Bangalore babe, Deepika Padukone.  After looking for the perfect movie to crash into Kollywood scenes, she scored big time with a role – which actresses consider to be a role of a life-time – in ‘KochaDaiyaan’, opposite Rajini.  KochaDaiyaan was supposed to have finished in London studios however, visa-applications of two cast members were denied.  This made Soundarya look within her country and completed the shoot for supporting scenes in Kerala.  With Deepika’s and Rajini’s scenes almost complete, a September release is being planned.

There are two names that have surface to step into lead male.  Whilst having already worked with Shankar in the sci-fi-thriller, ‘Anniyan’, Vikram is second on the list trumped by Surya, who lost the chance to work with Shankar after not being able to clear his schedule for ‘NanbaN’.  He has once again found himself in a situation with two offers on his platter however, this time around, he isn’t committed and all indicators are pointing to him choosing Shankar over ‘Singam 2’.

KollywoodNayantara’s Dirty Pic: Due to the nature of the movie and the personality of the actress whom the movie is based on, none of the top names rushed at the offer to play the role of the seductive Tamil actress of years gone by, Silk Smitha, in the remake of Bollywood’s ‘Dirty Picture’.  That is until the scandalous Nayantara stepped-up to take a whack at the role originally played by Vidya Balan.  Having already been paired with Rajini for the hit-flick, ‘Chandhramukki’, she will now get to play the character of an actress who teamed-up with Rajini in the late 80s.

Nayan isn’t just giving in though — knowing that not many other actresses are after this ‘meaty’ role, she’s got producers on their knees as she attempts to milk them for as much as possible.  Apart from the money, this will be the best project to have happened to her career to date.  She isn’t desperate though as she has a string of other South Indian movies lined up.  Among them is ‘Vaalu’ with Kollywood’s playboy, Simbu, and waiting to be released in 2012 is Malayalam psycho-drama, ‘Electra’, based on the Greek myth-character of the same name.

Chennai Super KingsKaty for Kollywood
: Chennai has got Katy-fever after the American pop-princess bowled fans over with her performance at the inaugural function of the Indian Premiere League (IPL), so much so, that the 27-year old fantasy girl has been roped-in to appear as an item girl in an upcoming Tamil film.

The song, ‘Naughty Raajaa Raajaa…’, which appears in the movie ‘Karuppam PaTTi’, will have a hip-hop meets disco feel to it composed by Kannan.  And who better to inject a bit of disco into a song than veteran Bollywood playback singer, Bappi Lahiri.  Having worked with Tamil producers in the North, Bappi had avoided singing in Tamil until this offer proved far too irresistible.

Producers are going big for this video, planning a live-concert set with Katy performing the choreography on a stage cheered on by 1000s of screaming fans.

Jeeva Tamil ActorJeeva wises up:
 To say that Shankar’s ‘NanbaN’ has flung doors wide open for Jeeva, is an understatement.  After the double success with ‘Koh’ (King) and ‘NanbaN’ (Friend), Jeeva is bent on keeping the winning streak deciding that the winning formular is not to jump at every offer but to be picky and choose wisely.

The actor has settled for yet another remake, being signed for both the Tamil and the Telugu versions of the Hindi original, ‘David’, which starred Vikram in the lead.  Apart from these, Jeeva is set to dawn a mask for the action-hero movie, ‘MugamooDi’ followed by Gautham Menon’s romantic, ‘Needhaaneh Yen Ponvasandham’.  Whilst the former is a superhero film, the latter is a romantic entertainer.




Shriya ActressShriya’s Heart Condition: When she’s not sizzling on screen, the sultry Shriya has her hands full exposing her big heart.  She has taken-up working with the blind, establishing a home for them and, in an innovative move, opened a spa completely handled by blind personnel.

In her first movie, ‘Ishtam’, Shriya shared the screen with veteran actress Poonam Dillon.  Now she has teamed-up with the motherly figure to take on an issue that is a factor of concern, globally — the unfortunate girl child.  The duo are currently putting together a charity show, which will feature Shriya on the ramp, aiming to help girls empower themselves.




DhalapadhiThe Dhalapadhi Anthem: Another star known for philanthropy is Shriya’s co-star in ‘ATM’, Vijay.  Having quite an active fan-base, the lot have banded together to honor the achievements of Vijay, off-screen.  “I’m not here supporting this release because of whom the track speaks about but to honor the achievements of those who put this album together; irrespective of who this was in praise of, I’d be here,” said the star who has recently had successful releases in succession with ‘Kaavalan’, ‘Vehlaayudham’ and ‘NanbaN’.  He added that he doesn’t consider his fans to be fans but rather, friends.  Vatsan CR is the two-track album’s creative head and has penned the lyrics along with Dinesh.   The rap has been performed by Amogh.  A video has also been produced with Gautham directing.

After really bombing at the box office with his 50th, ‘SuRaa’, he seems to be finally getting it right.  On 20 April, ‘NanbaN’, the Shankar-directed remake of ‘3 Idiots’, which also stars Illeana, Srikanth and Jeeva, became the first Tamil film to celebrate 100 days on big screen, this year.  Whilst a grand function was held on the following day, the filmed has been scheduled to be shown on Vijay TV on May 1.

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Nandita’s Return: She first stirred-up the cinema world with the controversial, ‘Fire’, which portrayed the lesbian relationship which developed between two daughters-in-law of the house resulting from being shunned and ill-treated by their spouses.  Her first Tamil release, ‘AZHagi’, didn’t come anywhere close to sizzling as much as ‘Fire’ did, however, she received critical acclaim in Mani Ratnam’s ‘Kanathil MuthamiTTaal’ (A peck on the cheek), where she donned the role of an officer, belonging to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil EeZHam (LTTE) Women’s Wing, who had lost her husband in Sri Lanka’s civil war and had to give-up her daughter for adoption after delivering in India.

This producer-actor is now joining forces with another producer-actor, Udhayanidhi Stalin, to make a return to Kollywood.  After meeting in Bangalore, the 41 year gave an enthusiastic nod at the role, finding it quite an interesting character to play.  She will be portraying this important role in the forthcoming ‘Neer PaRavai’ (Water Bird) supporting a lead cast of Vishnu and Sunaina.

New Slate for Gautham and Ajith: It is no secret that differences were rife between Director Gautham and Actor Ajith.  Originally, it was Gautham who was to direct ‘Asal’ but was axed due to delays and Gautham’s intentions for the movie.  Clearly, that was a huge mistake as ‘Asal’ proved to be less than an original hit.  The rift further widened when, this time around, it was Ajith that made Gautham wait for the proposed ‘Thuppariyam Anand’ and then, without notice, went on to make ‘Mangaathaa’.  Gautham made it public that he will only wait on Surya and Kamal as they have become his close friends.

The two titans of Kollywood met recently, though, and it seems as if the air is finally clearing allowing a possible merger of the two talents.  It isn’t certain if they will just pick-up from where they left off or opt for a fresh script for this fresh start.  I wonder if it will be Samantha or Sameera for the lead female role when this Gatham-Ajith project does materialize.

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