Kollywood with Kaalan: Edition 3

KochaDaiyaan Update

KochaDaiyaanTamil-Telugu newcomer, Aadhi, has just landed a role of a life time.  The 30 year old actor, whose 2007 Tamil debut, ‘Mirugam’ (Animal), was well received by critics and audiences alike, resulting in a Vijay Awards Nomination for Best Newcomer, is now basking in the light of one of India’s towers of cinema, Rajinikanth.  The Chennai-born is the latest addition to the ‘KochaDaiyaan’ cast, flying in late to play catch-up with the rest of his colleagues, in London.  Aadhi is managing well but admits that he still has a lot to learn on set.  He added that he was quite chuffed when Director, Soundarya, commented to Rajini that he was a quick learner; certainly a welcoming pat on the back.

When last we heard from the team, they had postponed shooting in London and decided to wrap-up the movie in India.  It now seems that they have resorted to ‘plan A’ for the tail-end of production.  After a bit of research into whom this period-film might be based on, I’m putting my money on a 7th Century SoZHa Prince who, in the latter part of the century, succeeded his father, King Arikehsari Maravarman, who is also referred to as NinDRaseer NedumaaRan, a Tamil Saivite Saint.

Billa’s Brazilian Babe Bruna

Billla's Brazilian Babe BrunaBilla 2 supporting actress, Brazilian-based, Bruna Abdullah, may just make her first Tamil film, her final film.  The model-turned-actress has confirmed talks about her marriage adding that she had to delay tying the knot in order to complete her lot in this sequel.  As to whether or not we’ll see her in another Tamil movie, there has been no mention of.

In the mean time, a teaser of the movie, starring Parvathhy Omanakuttan and Ajith in the lead, has exceeded 400 000 views online.  The teaser features a glimpse of Ajith’s death-defying stunt, where he had to jump out of a helicopter, grab onto the struts of the chopper and hang on by one hand.  Describing the stunt, the movie’s stuntman said that it made even his blood freeze as the stunt was being pulled-off.  With the film slated for June release, by sales of rights alone, Billa 2 has already, to date, cashed in excess of 40 crore (R58.8mil).




Nayan’s Too Pricey

Nayantara’s new strategy is to milk the producers for as much as she can and she seems to be in a position to take the riskNayan's Too Pricey of being dropped.  That game did prove far too risky in the case of ‘Boolohgam’, a forthcoming movie produced by Aascar Ravichandran.  Instead of giving-in to Nayan’s 8-figured demand, he’s had a change of mind.  Two names have popped-up thus far to play the role opposite Ravi, instead; Trisha and Amala

Whilst the sultry Amala is still enjoying the success of ‘Kaadhalil Sodhappuvadhu YeppaDi’, (How to fail in love…), which also stars Siddharth, Nayan is waiting on producers of the remake of ‘Dirty Picture’.  Seeing that not many actresses are jumping at the role, she stands a better chance at landing the role which will be, by far, her most lucrative to date.  Nonetheless, she does have a few minor backups.





ThaaNDavam’s Glamorous Cast

After breaking into Kollywood as a Director with ‘KreeDam’ in 2007, going legendary with ‘MadarasapaTTinam’ and epic with ‘Dheiva Thirumagan’, which was inspired by the Hollywood blockbuster, ‘I am Sam’, AL Vijay has once again looked to the west for inspiration and has once again called on Vikram to take on that challenge.  This time around, Vikram will be reprising the role played by Matt Damon in ‘Bourne Identity’.

The females of the film, titled ‘ThaaNDavam’ (A masculine Dance-style), are a continuation of the star-studded cast; Anushka Shetty, Lakshmi Rai and Amy Jackson, who is also featuring for a second time under Vijay’s directorship, play the roles of the heroine, the doctor and the love-interest of Vikram’s character, respectively.  Having had successful soundtracks collaborating with GV Prakash Kumar for all of his movies thus far, it seems the two will be running a partnership for some time to come.  The movie is currently being shot with scenes in South India, Delhi and UK; majority of the movie will be based in the US.

Hansika Goez Street

Following in the footsteps of the likes of Simran and Tamannah, who came from out of the South to gain the respect of many Kollywood fans, Hansika Motwani is flying high having already starred opposite two powerhouses, Ravi and Vijay.  After the success of ‘Yengehyum Kaadhal’ and ‘Vehlaayudham’, it’s strike three for the bubbly 20 year old with ‘Oru Kal Oru KaNNaaDi’ (A Stone, A Mirror), a Romantic Comedy, which has producer Udhayanithi Stalin in his debut acting-role alongside talented funny-man, Santhanam.


The star is now stepping into roles of variety with attractive offers flowing in.  Not taking a break and waiting for Singam 2 to kick-off filming, she has joined a cast of STR, Jai, Deeksha Seth and Poonam Kaur for ‘VeTTai Mannan’.  Even though she was a little doubtful to take on this character of a gangster, initially, Hansika is now thankful for getting a break from striking poses and flashing smiles.

Trisha Turns 29

We wish one of Kollywood’s favourite ladies, Trisha Krishnan, a Happy belated Birthday for the 4th of May.

Also celebrating their birthday in May are:

  • •Namitha: 10 May
  • •Chaiya Singh: 16 May
  • •Karthi: 25 May
  • •Abbas: 26 May

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