Anavarata dance performance at Diaspora conference in San Francisco

Anavarata has cemented its commitment to skills development further by appointing Carly Tlhapa of the organization as their Principal

anavarata dance indian
Anavarata dancers with the delegates performing the fusion item in California this week

Dancer,  Carly Tlhapa, assisted by Naomi Hlongwane and Bridget Mashimbye of ADI’s subsidiary division of Marue Africa Performance Troupe. They form part of the “Train the Trainer” programme, of which Carly is a senior member and Naomi and Bridget are junior trainee tutors, and were ably supported by Elizabeth Matli.

The trio have been involved in the training of Devani Poonsamy, Sailesha Padayachy and  Venita Govender in a Indo-African fusion performance commissioned for the Diaspora Tamil Education Conference 2012 in the San Francisco Bay Area.  They are performing a mind-blowing South African Indian fusion item at the gathering of Tamilian academics, artists and thinkers.  The organisations that were instrumental in representing the Tamil culture and language at this conference are the SA Tamil Federation and the Tamil Federation of Gauteng.   The performance item has been devised and choreographed by Anusia Govender-Pillay, Director of Anavarata Dance Institute – the oldest Indian Dance based organization in Africa.

Always ready for a challenge!

The challenge facing the ADI team was that the 3 dancers travelling to California were on a tight schedule,  as they had 11 days to leave our shores.  After 8 lessons of intensive training, costume designing and mentally preparing the 3 dancers,  the last 2 sessions were focussed on stage and performance orientation.  The trainee tutors were involved in all aspects of the development and the 6 of them created a masterpiece of the performance.

Popular “Township Jive” rhythms are laced with mesmerising Tamil verse reminiscent of the rich and earthy drum beats that are common to both the Indian and African cultures. Anusia goes on to say, “the African movements of South Africa’s Northern tribes are interwoven with Bharata Natyam, a sprinkling of Yoga, Odissi and Kathak movements. Reflecting our commitment to promoting conservation of our animals and the Earth, as well as our diverse cultures the costumes include proudly South African hats, African shakers and animal print fabric in the costumes.”

A dedicated mindset of commitment from both Anavarata’s dancers and the 3 delegates using critical dance analysis formed part of both groups’ training.  This undoubtedly reflected the ambassadorial and nation building principles Anavarata utilises to empower the South African youth.

The three young aspiring dancers will be part of the greater South African delegation travelling to the Diaspora Tamil Conference in the United States of America. The California Tamil Academy (CTA) has joined hands with like minded people and groups, together with these partnering groups, CTA is conducting the conference this week – June 8, 9 and 10, 2012 . The Theme of the conference is Challenges, Perspectives, Possibilities, in teaching Tamil to the Diaspora . The aims of the conference are to engage dialogue and find synergies amongst varied organizations to create an exchange of ideas, learning methodologies and showcase talent in the divide of the Tamilian culture and language.

In the news recently, Anavarata Dance Institute was successfully appointed to represent our colorful Indian Heritage at the international event of SA Tattoo.

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Through Ganesha Communications’ representation, they have also been invited to perform in London’s Trafalgar Square later this year.

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