Indian Dance: Nadanam

Nadanam (meaning beautiful dance) was formed in September 2005 by Nisha Moodley. It is a dance company comprising of Bharatha Natyam graduates from various schools throughout the country, who have united in their shared passion for dance to create a company where ideas, creativity and excellence can be explored.

The company aims to pursue the study of dance, with Bharatha Natyam as its base in order to research, create and present works of a high professional standard and with innovative ideas. It also serves to give qualified dancers the opportunity to nurture and develop their talent in an open environment and to also further develop Bharatha Natyam and dance, locally, nationally and internationally.

A Tribute to our Gurus marked the beginning of our journey and many such offerings from the Nadanam Dance Company. The performance which took place on 15 May 2011 at the Wits Theatre is a culmination of many things up to this point for every dancer. It’s a celebration of the past, the present and the future. During our time as dancers we have encountered many teachings and experiences with many different individuals and organisations. Collectively all these people have contributed and help mould and shape us into the women we have become today.

This performance recognized and was a tribute to all these people who have imparted something in the form of inspiration, knowledge and skills to us as dancers or in our daily lives. To all these wonderful and significant people we say thank you for empowering and for imparting your knowledge to us.

We appreciate your contribution and we begin our journey by saying thank you and ask your blessings as our journey continues to the next level. We are forever eternally grateful.

For those interested in learning more contact Nisha Moodley on 083 375 4835


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