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Vijay TV Mano rocks South Africa!

From the moment South Indian playback singer Mano landed, social media networks, broadcasting channels and Naufal Khan’s Twitter timeline, Facebook accounts reverberated with immense excitement over the Super Singers’ presence. Khan who personally handled Mano’s presence from point of arrival to departure, kept fans on their toes with up-to-date happenings of the Mano and his activities as he accompanied the star around South Africa.

Khan went on to share the first few moments when he welcomed Mano to South Africa, “I was literally brought to tears as I walked towards the celebrated and award winning singer.  The opportunity to be in his presence was awe inspiring for me personally. I was humbled and blessed to have had the opportunity to meet him and share my experiences with Mano with the rest of his fan base internationally and locally. ”

Vijay TV Mano

The excitement from the fans of South Indian entertainment was one to contend with.  Indianspice manned thousands of calls from the public, endless emails and well wishes.

The support from the South African Indian community was far and widespread as far as other continents.  Bollywood playback singer, Gaurav Bangia, who visited South Africa last year also commended and congratulated Indianspice for creating a balance and offering accessibility between the provisioning of North and South Indian entertainment in South Africa.

The event commissioned by TopStar, the Indian bouquet channel on TopTV presents Vijay TV’s Mano. The creative teams of  Star TV’s Mr Imesh Joshi (South Africa) and Ms. Sarika Shankarnarayan, Vice President (United Kingdom), Vijay TV India teams saw the lack of South Indian entertainment in South Africa and have been working since last year to produce many South Indian based events in South Africa.

Indian lifestyle At a time when changes were being made by other broadcasting media to an enhanced South Indian content provisioning, TopTV, TopStar, Star and Vijay TV were already offering quality South Indian news, information and reality shows on the the TopTV bouquet of TopStar. The first of many events being Mano in South Africa recently was just a taste of what is to come from this dynamic channel.

Mano performed in Gauteng and Durban at private events that were exclusive to TopTV subscribers of the TopStar Indian bouquet. The subscribers were treated to a feast of music playback of Mano.

The versatile singer who has over 16,000 songs to his name performed some of his major hits as well as performing in Telugu. The star who arrived in South Africa on the 17th spent Eid celebrations away from his family to give his South African fan base a world class performance that had left thousands of TopTV subscribers breathless and looking forward to more of Mano in South Africa.

Thava Indian Restaurant, Official Hospitality Provider to Mano in South Africa hosted the Vijay Welcome Dinner on 17th August 2012 at their signature restaurant in Norwood. The atmosphere was tense as guests arrived  who looked forward to sharing dinner with the superstar! Another surprise for guests was the presence of LotusFM’s Mala Lutchmanan who was flown in to lead the introductions of Mano at all of his events.

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Mala Lutchmanan, LotusFM
Mala Lutchmanan, LotusFM flew in to Johannesburg. Lutchmanan was the Master of Ceremonies throughout Mano’s Tour of South Africa

Guests were pleasantly surprised as Lutchmanan swept in to Thava Indian Restaurant.  Her signature voice that travels across every LotusFM fans home announced Mano’s entrance into the restaurant. A standing ovation for the friendly celebrity as he smiled and offered his thanks to the guests. Mano who was just as excited to be in South Africa was scheduled to perform just one item at the Vijay Welcome Dinner then opted to perform 3 more songs adhoc for his adoring fans who came out to Thava for his Welcome Dinner.  Mano who was full of praise at the excellent cuisine. When asked about his dining experience, his response was “just like food in India! No DIFFERENCE!”

Mano who dined in the company of TopTV executives, Star TV executives and the honourable Deputy High Commissioner Changsan were serenaded by local South Indian songstress, Roja Naidoo and South African male playback singer Edward Reddy who were received pleasantly by the audience as well.

World renowned Anavarata Dance Institute, the oldest Indian Dance company in Africa were commissioned as the lead dance company for this special event of Mano in South Africa.   Anusia Govender, Director of Anavarata Dance Institute creatively presented her principal students who performed a soul stirring Thillana dance performance to the amazement of guests.  Seasoned Bharata Natyam dancers, Kumari  Zanele Philbane;  Kumari Naomi Hlongwane; Kumari Marry Ngwenya ; Kumari Carly Thlapa will gain the title of “Natya Thilakum” , just like the Guru and her mother before her; when they  graduate later this year.

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The next day, Mano made an appearance at the Incredible India Day event at Brightwater Commons where thousands of fans waited in excitement as he arrived. Fans had the opportunity to meet the star personally take pictures and have his autograph signed. Mano performed a series of songs at the 66th Indian Independence Day celebration by India Club. South African Indians were pleased when he performed the hit song from the movie Kadhalan, Mukala Mukabla with P. Susheela’s grand daughter Keerthika Ponugupati.

Ponugupati, a seasoned singer like her grandmother was flawless in her performance that had praises from Mano for her excellent performance with him on stage and that being adhoc.   She had literally 5 minutes to glance at lyrics and performed with such grace and talent!

The private event by invitation only was held at Gold Reef City Casino’s Crown Reef Convention Room on 18 August. Mano performed a medley of hit songs for his fans during the QnA session with Lotus FM’s Mala Lutchmanan.  Adding a local touch to the Gauteng event, well known and upcoming public speaker, Mr Vishen Pillay of Johannesburg formed part of the Mano entourage. Pillay was well received by the audience as he took to the stage and spoke eloquently in Tamil.

Chief Principal of Ganesha Communications, Naufal Khan, adapted authentic Indian content by seasoned local artists of Anavarata Dance Institute and produced an Indian and African fusion production of an world class standard that was recorded for international broadcasting.

Other local artists commissioned for this special Mano Tour included the Arumgam siblings, the famed Mayil (peacock) dance by Kumari Shanta Narainsamy and troupe, Ms. Sivani Chinnapen and troupe. All dance groups spent weeks preparing to wow Mano and his fans. The South Africa tour of Mano was by far one of the most unique shows ever produced and the dynamic audiences made for great television entertainment. The entire tour of Mano was recorded for airing internationally and locally on TopStar, the Indian bouquet channel.

The star promised his audiences that he will return to South Africa soon to give his fans a concert that will supersede all other South Indian events.  For those who wish to subscribe to TopStar, the Indian bouquet channel on TopTV visit today!

Official Photography by LA Fotography and Indianspice for the Vijay TV Mano in South Africa Tour. Should you wish to obtain copies of your photo’s that you may have taken at any of the events in Gauteng or Durban please email: to order your prints.

Chief Principal of Ganesha Communications, Naufal Khan would like to extend his sincerest gratitude to the following individuals and organisations for their contribution to the whirlwind success of the event. 

  1. His Excellency, Deputy High Commissioner Changsan Armstrong and the Indian High Commission
  2. Ms Mala Lutchmanan, LotusFM
  3. LA Fotography
  4. Ms Tania Du Plessis, Indianspice Chief Photographer
  5. Ms Anusia Govender-Pillay, Director of Anavarata Dance Institute
  6. Ms Saira Essa, Executive Producer, Eastern Mosaic
  7. Sunday Times Extr, Avusa Media
  8. Fakir Hassen, Niney Ruthnam
  9. Mrs Vogie Perumal and Mr Lesley Perumal
  10. Mrs Roja Naidoo, Mr Allen Naidoo, Mr Edward Reddy
  11. Mr Vasie Govender, Visual Studio
  12. Mr Vishal Nana, Johannesburg Yuvak Mandal
  13. Mr Subashin Gramani
  14. Home Made Delights, Fordsburg
  15. Gold Reef City Casino, Suncoast Casino – Tsogo Sun Group
  16. Ster Kinekor, Gateway
  17. Gateway Management
  18. Captain Bala of South African Police Services
  19. Mr David Chetty of Function and Catering Services, Durban
  20. Mr Trishen Govender, SA Tamil Unity
  21. Mr Dinesh Naidoo, Serendipity Tours
  22. Mr Imesh Joshi, Star TV/TopTV
  23. Ms Sarika Shankarnarayan, STAR UK
  24. Shreya and Narayan, Vijay TV (India)
  25. Kumari Shanta Narainsamy, Durban
  26. Kumari Sivani Chinnapen, Durban
  27. The South Indian community for their support
  28. Azam Khans, Durban
  29. 4EVA Travel, Official Travel Company for Mano’s Tour in South Africa
  30. Desiree and Leon Rajoo, Official Shuttle Service for Mano
  31. Thava Indian Restaurant, Official Hospitality Provider to Mano
  32. Ms Nivasha Pillay, Indianspice
  33. Mr Vishen Pillay, Indianspice
  34. Mr Enver Govender, Chennai News
  35. South African Tamil Unity
  36. Thammizh Munnetra Kazhagam
  37. Rising Sun
  38. Mr Arun Prasad
  39. India Club (South Africa)
  40. Ms Avashnee Vandiar, Ms Abigail Nadar (Lotus FM)
  41. Suncoast Towers Management, Chef Sundren, Zane Potter
And to Event Director, Ms Thashleen Chetty for her professional management of the South African tour of Mano in South Africa. Mika Mika Nandri


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