Verushka Pather set to tour India

Two years ago, I watched the magic of the Dhananjayan’s come alive on stage with SMT Verushka Pather. Today . Here is a personal message  and amazing news that Verushka Pather shares with us.  I applaud and acknowledge the great work and progress she has been making to showcase truly South African talent of the Indian Arts discipline.

With lots of joy and gratefulness in my heart, it is my greatest pleasure to personally invite you to our humble offering of ‘SRI KRISHNA LEELA’ . This is my offering to my Divine Gurus, Shri VP & Smt Shanta Dhananjayan.

The tour is supported by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) and features dancers from India and South Africa. We are grateful for the generous support of the ICCR in promoting South African artists to the Indian diaspora. This has been a wonderful journey to share our work and experiences as dances, from South Africa and the Tharanginee School of Dance, Chennai, headed by respected, Smt. Shobana Bhalchandra.

Krishna Leela is a vibrant display of colour, emotion, radiance and the blissful experience of Love for God through Dance.

We applaud ICCR, and the KZN Department of Art & Culture for affording us this great opportunity and for their vision for Arts in our Country and Internationally.

The performances will start on 13 December 2012 at ISKCON in Chennai and then move to Goa, Delhi, Vrindavan, Mumbai and
end at the Shilpagram Festival, Udaipur on 26th December 2012.

For more information please contact ICCR New, Delhi on +91 11 23370471 or Verushka Pather on + 27 83 360 0037 or visit for live uploads and to follow and watch the tour as it unfolds.  It is my wish to see you at one of our programs, please pass on to all that may be interested.

About Naufal Khan

Naufal Khan was the Publisher at ADISHAKTI MEDIA and the editor-in-chief of the South African Indian news service Indian Spice. Khan was former Sunday Times journalist and also an occult fiction and non-fiction writer with several published titles.