Nada Raga Sagara, healing with divine music

sri ganapathy sachchidananda south africaThe concert, Nada Raga Sagara by Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji, a world renowned composer of music for meditation healing will be hosted in his first ever performance in the country and will be the 110th international performance out of India. Sri Swamiji has been performing Healing and Meditation concerts all over the world for 25 years now.

Live in concert

Notably, Sri Swamiji performed along many globally renowned artists including supreme violinist Dr. L. Subramaniam in a packed concert at the famous Lincoln Center in 2008 in New York City.

Other prominent venues include the Esplanade Concert Hall in Singapore,swamiji ganapathy sachidananda the prestigious Royal Albert Hall in London, Lincoln Centre, USA and the KKL Hall in Switzerland – South Africa’s musical and spiritual enthusiasts are set to experience one of the most sought after performances by this renowned spiritual leader. Other notable concerts included the Hyderabad, India concert that was attended by over 100,000 people.

Sri Swamiji’s music is famously known for its healing effects. His music contains variant tones; which are used for the healing process. His music elevates the level of consciousness of the listeners, helping them to experience inner peace and harmony as well as a physical response. Many health care professionals around the globe use Sri Swamiji’s healing music as part of their music therapy practices. Sri Swamiji conveys his important message through music and plays ayurvedic healing ragas on an electronic synthesizer, accompanied by musicians on classical Indian instruments. His music is devotional and used for spiritual energy transmission. Devotees around the world have received immense benefit through his concerts from physical healing to spiritual guidance.

The Applied Music Therapy by Sri Swamiji
His therapeautic music involves the combination of Music, Yoga, Astrology, Astronomy, Gemmology, Ayurveda, Psychology and Human Anatomy. The concept of healing through music as prescribed by Sri Ganapathy in treatment, is the manipulation of music through various Raga’s (music notes) which are scientifically identified as an adjuvant to psycho therapy thus enabling the treatment and rehabilitation of people afflicted with various medical conditions ranging from mental and physical.

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Ganesha Communications, the National Steering Committee will oversee the Pontifical Visit, and will guide the activities and management of Nada Raga Sagara, South African Tour 2013.
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