Bharata Natyam South Africa

Cape Town: Naatya Manjari

Vadhini Indian Arts Academy presents Naatya Manjari, a Bharata Natyam performance by Kumar K. Sarveshan. Scheduled for Sunday, 14 April, 2013, at 16H00 at the Joseph Stone Auditorium, Athlone. Contact 0823336826 or 0763490224

Bharata Natyam South Africa
Sarveshan is an exceptionally talented young man – an artist par excellence.  He has been dancing since he could just about walk.  Dance is his very life force.  K. Sarveshan is a young dancer and choreographer who has been trained under South Africa’s and India’s finest exponents of Bharatanaatyam, a South Indian Classical Art form.

Initially, he trained under Srimati Savitri Naidoo and Srimati Darshana Rama at one of South Africa’s oldest and finest Indian dance schools, Vadhini Indian Arts Academy in Cape Town. Vadhini exposed Sarveshan to various styles of movement, such as Bharatanaatyam, traditional Indian Folk, Kathak, traditional African Dance, Yoga and contemporary. After completing his basic level training in Bharatanatyam, he went on to teach, perform and choreograph for Vadhini’s Bharatanaatyam, Folk and Contemporary productions.

In 2012, Sarveshan had undergone Advance Training in Bharatanatyam at Bharatakalaanjali, a highly acclaimed institution based in Chennai, India. There under the guidance of his Gurus, Sri V.P. Dhananjayan and Srimati Shanta Dhananjayan, Sarveshan was afforded opportunities to perform in various productions under the Bharatakalaanjali banner in various cities of India.

Even though his interests lie in authentic Indian performing arts, Sarveshan has done several other collaborative productions with leading artists in the industry such as: Benjamin Britten’s Opera, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” directed by Cristine Crouse, “Viaje Flamenco” with La Rosa, Various performances with Jazzart and other leading dance institutions in South Africa and India.

Please contact Darshana at 082 333 6826 or Sarveshan at 076 349 0224 should you have a further query.

Watch Kumar K. Sarveshan here

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