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abigail nadarAbigail Nadar as a personal success and confidence coach, you can think of her as your own personal cheerleader, ally, and advisor. She will see your greatest potential – even when you don’t see or believe it – and work with you to build confidence, develop your strengths and become your greatest vision for yourself. She is here to support, guide, and encourage you. She promises to value and respect you as a unique person without judgment. Together, you will create an action plan that will empower you to discover your capabilities and accomplish your goals.

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Nadar coaches teen girls in navigating the trials, tribulations and transitions of adolescence. With high academic pressure, poor role models, girl drama, and communication challenges, Nadar has become a solution provider to young women.

This is HER story, a must read for everyone
As a teen, I was surrounded by other teenage girls who like myself, either lacked confidence or expressed an attitude of over confidence tarnished by secret insecurities, relationship complications, resentment, frustration, despondency and uncertainty due to the multitude of challenges, obstacles and emotions that we were exposed to at the time.

That was more than a decade ago. Teens today experience all those challenges and a plethora of others. Social networks on cell phones, lap tops, computers, I pads and tablets expose teens to situations, emotions and trials adults of today only dream about. While some are focussed and responsible displaying levels of maturity that style many adults appalling, most feel overwhelmed and stressed by the challenges posed not just by technological and social advancements, but by extreme academic pressure, relationship disputes, girl drama, reduced body image,  poor communication skills, and sophisticated career decisions too.

Take a few minutes to explore the minds, thoughts and world of these teens and you begin to understand why so many are:

  • falling prey to the damaging pressures of other vicious teens and adults,
  •  lack confidence
  •  have chosen to surrender to the temptations of their domain and why
  • Many, though extremely talented and intelligent, will not experience the pleasures, freedoms and accomplishments of their highest ability.

Being a great believer in fulfilling ones purpose myself, I started to take particular notice in the behaviour, thoughts, and desires of teens about 5 years ago. I qualified as a “Life Coach” with the Neuroscience Leadership Group and as destiny would have it, choose to practise the knowledge and skills I had acquired to empower, motivate and assist teen girls.

How does it work?
As a teen life coach I offer two modes of coaching. The first is called a coaching conversation. These conversations are designed to set off “light bulb” moments and considerations in the coachee and as a result of same allow the coachee to think about the dilemma, situation or challenge she is experiencing more progressively. The conversations are based on numerous studies and statistics which prove that our thoughts can be re wired to serve us in a positively stimulating manner which in turn results in amass of positive actions and emotions.

The second type of coaching is called a goal setting process. The goal setting process transpires over a period of 9 sessions and is designed to facilitate the learning of setting and achieving goals that she is passionate about. During the process the teen understands the significance of setting authentic, realizable goals as well as the awareness of good time management, discipline, and self-evolution.

The benefits of teen life coaching:

  1. Developed body image and confidence.
  2. Empowers the teen to make good decisions.
  3. Educates the teen on basic goal setting habits.
  4. Enhances communication skills
  5. Equips the teen with good time management skills
  6. Recognizes unhealthy habits and supports the teen in substituting same with wholesome ones.

Teen worldwide that have had the benefit of life coaching demonstrate an abundance of enthusiasm and energy to improve themselves and their conditions. They understand the importance of discipline, positive thinking and healthy relationships. They work more diligently, achieve better and are ultimately happier than those who have not been coached.

There is no greater joy on the parenting front than witnessing your teen daughter, niece, granddaughter or sister excel academically, enjoy healthy, fulfilling relationships with friends and family and mature into the cheerful, energised and outstanding young lady she was meant to be.

Contact Abigail Nadar  031 3274600 and on

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