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Book Launch: Gandhi’s Printing Press

gandhi projectAt the same time that Gandhi, as a young lawyer in South Africa, began fashioning the tenets of his political philosophy, he was absorbed by a seemingly unrelated enterprise: creating a newspaper.  Gandhi’s Printing Press is an account of how this project, an apparent footnote to a titanic career, shaped the man who would become the world-changing Mahatma. Pioneering publisher, experimental editor, ethical anthologist – these roles reveal a Gandhi developing the qualities and talents that would later define him.

“Gandhi was one of history’s most avid experimenters. His most audacious forms of utopianism was often nothing more than simple and ingenious experiments. Hofmeyr tells the remarkable story, with elegance and great learning, of how Gandhi imagined a radically different world simply by attending to the potentialities of the printing press. Very few books on Gandhi capture the minutiae and horizons  of his world with such riveting intelligence.”  Uday Mehta, City University of New York

Guest Speaker: Imraan Coovadia (Award winning novelist and Professor of English at UCT)

  • Tuesday, 28th May 2013
  • 6:00-7:30
  • Venue: WiSER Seminar Room, 6th Floor, Richard Ward Building, East Campus, Wits University


About Naufal Khan

Naufal Khan was the Publisher at ADISHAKTI MEDIA and the editor-in-chief of the South African Indian news service Indian Spice. Khan was former Sunday Times journalist and also an occult fiction and non-fiction writer with several published titles.