Auditions: Nadanam Dance Company

nadanam7Nadanam (meaning beautiful dance) has been in existence since September 2005. Since then Nadanam has succeeded in bringing together many of South Africa’s most respected and highly acclaimed Bharatha Natyam dancers.  It is a dance company comprising of Bharatha Natyam graduates from various schools who have united in their shared passion for dance to create a company where ideas, creativity and excellence can be explored and we are now raising the bar to another level.

Exciting challenges and opportunities have been identified and we are expanding in terms of the performance area. This means that we will be signing on new talent to join, collaborate and participate in the various future programmes and performances we have secured.

There are a significant number of dance students that have learnt and danced for many years but might not have had an opportunity to perform and this is what we are offering our young, talented and aspiring dancers. It does not matter which dance school you are coming from, currently with or going to in the future. This is merely an opportunity for you to gain and expand your knowledge, practice and further the performance aspect of your dance journey.

The Company has its base deeply rooted in Bharatha Natyam and also serves to give dancers the opportunity to nurture and develop their talent in an open environment.


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