Indian Cinema: Raam the King in Blue

  • Releases: 28th June 2013
  • Starring: Krishnaandamuri, Nayanthara, Akki, Rao Nag, Jaya Sudha, KR Vijaya

One of the most expensive films ever made in India, Raam the King in Blue is a masterpiece family entertainer with an exquisite, grandeur visual extravaganza. King Raam and his wife Sita return from Lanka after the defeat of the evil Ravana and the Kingdom of Ayodhya rejoices their return and everyone is happy for a while. But Raam is forced to banish Sita from the Kingdom when a washerman tarnishes her name questioning her faithfulness to Raam. Sita takes shelter in the deep forest and joins the rich knowledgeable learned community of sage Maha Rishi Valmiki’s hermitage and later gives birth to twins Lava and Kusha. She raises them as normal kids without informing them of their heritage. Lava and Kusha are trained in all the skills by Valmiki. One day when Raam performs the scared fire ritual for the benefit of the kingdom the sacred horse wanders through the forest and it is captured by Lava and Kusha. A confrontation battle erupts between the kids and Lakshmana, the brother of Raam and when Lakshmana is defeated Raam enters the arena.

Soon the fight is prevented by Sita and she reveals her true identity to her sons Lava and Kusha and they are re-united with their father Raam and Sita unites with her mother, who is Goddess Earth and she leaves this mortal world.

This is a feel good film that showcases ancient culture, heritage and values. Outstanding music and background score, high quality special effects and the very grand visuals make this movie a great watch. All parents who want to impart values of cultures and moral lessons of life must bring their children to watch this movie. Every parent wants their child to learn good values of life and cultural morality. This is that journey for those parents and children to experience.

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