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Gauteng :Bhajan group seeks assistance

bhajan group gautengThe Hari Narayana Bhajanai Mandiram (HNBM) is a newly established group based in Johannesburg. Members hail from all parts of Gauteng, thus creating a nice mix of bhajan players old and new. Our aim is to meet the spiritual, charitable and cultural requirements and demands of our surrounding communities and that of many other communities in Gauteng. We endeavour to empower our youth by creating participation platforms, and enhancing their knowledge and understanding of our vast culture. The utmost goal is bring about spiritual transformation through dedicated teamwork and creating the insight within a universal and cultural body.

Furthermore, it is important to note that the HNBM is comprised of a contingent of 60% youths that do not earn an income of their own. At this stage the HNBM urgently require funds to initiate & sustain our endeavours. The group requires musical instruments and uniforms urgently. Your kind generosity will help us in initiation and sustenance of this group, so that we are able to perform our required services, to the best of our ability. 2013 also see’s the HNBM travelling extensively throughout the country and are relying on the public to assist in making this possible.

The group is appealing to the community to assist us in achieving an amount of R15 000, which is urgently required but not limited to, for the following items:

  • 2 x Dholaks (Already Purchased)
  •  1 x Tabla (Still Outstanding)
  •  1 x Harmonium (Already Purchased)
  •  20 sets of cymbals or manjeeras (Still Outstanding)
  •  20 sets of tracksuits (Partially purchased)
  •  20 x golf shirts (Partially purchased)

We appeal to you for your support in helping this community serving, cultural organization attain its goals as highlighted above

All contributions are welcome. Should you wish to make direct payments into our bank account, the details are as follows:

  • Bank: ABSA
  • Branch: Brooklyn
  • Account #: 926 982 7094
  • Kreasan Moodley, Group Leader
  • Hari Narayana Bhajanai Mandiram
  • email:

Contact information:

  • 60 Paul Kruger Street, Southcrest, Alberton, 1449, Gauteng, South Africa
  • +2778 030 4170


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