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Durban: Harihara by Manesh Maharaj

With the divine blessings of our beloved Guruma, Sushri Madhurita Sarang, Kala Darshan – Institute of classical music and dance will be presenting HariHara – A solo Kathak recital by Guru Shri Manesh Maharaj on 20 July 2013 at the Pattundeen Theatre commencing at 7pm.

Motivated by and reflecting on the feud that existed between Shaivites (worshippers of Shiva) and Vaishnavites (worshippers of Vishnu) in ancient Tamil Nadu, peaking during the 11th & 12th centuries (the effects of which subtly lingers in Hindu society today) HARIHARA, brings to light and establishes the “oneness” of two Supreme deities in the Hindu pantheon, Lord Vishnu (HARI) and Lord Shiva (HARA), through dance.

manesh maharaj
Shri Manesh Maharaj focuses on the temple tradition of Kathak as a medium to propitiate, glorify and enumerate the valorous deeds of Lords Vishnu & Shiva establishing them as one and the same entity with different aspects of the all-pervading  Absolute. HARIHARA attempts to enlighten and dispel confusion which was the result of numerous conflicts and battles in the past. The realization of this concept is explored through two elaborate traditional Kathak pieces – “SHIV VARNAN” which pays homage to the cosmic dancer and destroyer, Lord Shiva in all His glory and magnificence and “DASAVATAR” – A dramatic expose of the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu, the preserver thus striking a balance of equality between the two.

Transporting the audience to a mystical world of Gods, Goddesses, mighty kings, sacred rivers, grand palaces, majestic serpents, celestial musicians and dancers, holy sages, wicked villains, brave warriors and evil demons, Shri Manesh Maharaj takes on the roles of over fifty characters as the protagonist of HARIHARA. Live music accompaniment will be provided by students of Kala Darshan – TABLA – Revash Dookhi, Ketan Sarjuprosad & Akshay Bensarie PADHANT & MANJIRA – Ishka Nanoo VOCAL & HARMONIUM – Niveshan Munsamy.

HARIHARA promises to captivate and enthrall a diverse audience with its rich music score and vibrant choreography. Melodious Ragas such as Basant, Kedar, Puriya Dhanashri, Bihag, Jaijaiwanti, Brindavani Sarang, Malkauns, Patdeep and Bhairavi accompanied by pulsating rhythms presents an audio-visual treat for the Rasikas.

We invite all Gurus, artists, students and connoisseurs to support and bless us with your kind presence as we celebrate the triumph of good over evil and promote the universal message of truth, equality and “oneness”. Tickets priced at R50 will be available at the door prior to the performance. For further info please contact 0824226865.     

‘Sivasya hridayam Vishnur-Vishnoscha hridayam Sivah’ – Vishnu is the heart of Siva and likewise Siva is the heart of Vishnu

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