Amman Devotional Music

In the Tamil month of Aadi (Mid July to Mid August), worshippers throughout the world of Mother Mariamman dedicate this month to prayer seeking her divine blessings. Mythology is clear that in this time Mother Mariamman ( a form of Mother Shakti) presented herself on earth when an epidemic broke out and many lives were being lost. Through her intervention, people where cured of measles and chickenpox. To this end, she has become a deity of worship.

PicStory-2013-06-21-03-40(1)In this time, temples and households throughout the world would observe a prayer (Mariamman Poojay) invoking the presence of Mother Marriamman in their lives. Millions of devotees flock to temples as this prayer is observed in grand style supported by devotional music and bhajans, all in praise of the divine. Some devotees would receive divine vibrations of the mother. Also, many homes would be flocked by family and friends as this prayer is also observed by ardent devotees of the mother in their homes.

Considering the major hype around this prayer and the need for spiritual support, local priest Guru Thamo Valiatham embarked on a project with the support of Rajan & Jane Pillay (of Sandy’s Prayer Goods). CD, entitled “DEVOTION TO AMMAN”, was born to promote the understanding of the divine journey during the auspicious month of AADI. The composition of the CD was well thought taking into account the popularity of this prayer in hindu homes.

The CD not only contains melodious bhajans but includes a comprehensive discourse on Mother Mariamman worship, a necessity to the present generation wanting to understand the concept of Mariamman Poojay. What is very meaning for households on this cd, it contains the Recital of the Mariamman Paadal (Mantras), which would play a pivotal role when conducting this prayer at home. Collectively, this CD is a package that would benefit many worshippers in observing their prayer and enhance their devotion to Mother Mariamman.

Religious leader, Shri Kovilan Ramsamy, praised the efforts of Guru Thamo Valiatham for his efforts in the production of the must have CD. He said this CD promotes the education amongst worshippers of the divine Mother. This CD would more importantly benefit our youth in their quest for knowledge of Hinduism.

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